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For this reflection, you will answer the question:

“What can I, as an historian of the ancient world, learn and apply from the history of my ancient ancestors to my own role in contributing to and acting responsibly for the betterment of society?”

In order to answer this question effectively for your reflection you must:

  • Pick one common theme/criteria topic (from the list below) that you think significantly influenced an individual from the ancient world to act responsibly and contribute towards society.

o Technology

o Politics/Bureaucracy

o Law/Ethics

o Arts/Sciences

o Economy/Business

o Education

o Military/Police

o Religion/Morals & Traditions

  • Explain how at least one specific example (one individual) from at least three different civilizations covered throughout this course supports your selected theme/criteria. (So, your essay will talk about 3 different people - each from a different civilization that we discussed.)
  • Support each of your examples with evidence from the articles in the M13 learning module about why we study history. In total, you must reference at least three of the articles in the learning activities,
  • Support each of your examples with evidence from the module where we discussed their civilization (So, you will reference at least 3 learning modules in your paper.)
  • Connect how understanding the history of your ancient ancestors in the context of your selected theme/ criteria has influenced your sense of responsibility and contributing role towards the betterment of society. In other words, what have you learned from their experiences that can help you act more responsibly today?
  • Lastly, make sure you provide proper internal citations and a properly formatted bibliography

This is going into your portfolio so be sure to make sure that you have fixed all grammatical and formatting issues before submission.

For your bibliography, it does NOT have to be annotated. The only sources you'll be using will be from your readings, so you MUST include internal citations and a full, properly MLA formatted bibliography with your paper, but you don't need to annotated the sources in your bib.

Your paper must be 2-3 pages in length (NOT including your bibliography) and follow MLA guidelines (double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman font, one-inch margins). This assignment is worth a total of 75 points.

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Student’s Name:
Teachings of Ancient Politics
History provides a lot of teachings that we can learn and apply for the betterment of
modern society. Besides giving us stories of wisdom and courage, history helps us learn from the
mistakes of our ancestors and ultimately help us make better decisions (Postma). A look into
historical politics from different civilizations gives insights into the strategies various political
leaders used to ensure the safety and prosperity of their societies. While exploring how we can
apply the historical teachings from some of the key ancient political leaders to help ensure the
betterment of modern society, this essay explores how Augustus Caesar, Alexander the Great,
and Cyrus the Great managed their politics to guarantee the safety and prosperity of their people.
The three leaders were involved in diverse political and military activities that aimed at
advancing the progress of their empires as well as the welfare of their citizens. The leaders
transformed their societies by adopting innovative ideas that enabled their empires to spread to
other regions which further expanded their empires’ social and cultural diversity. In this essay, I
will discuss what I, as a historian of the ancient world, can adopt from the deeds and ideas of the
three great ancient leaders to make positive impacts in modern society.

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