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SOC 1010

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For this assignment, you will conduct Internet research about poverty in the United States and create a photo essay that depicts the economic struggles that many Americans are facing today. Photo essays consist of a collections of photographs or images that portray a particular message. The idea of this assignment is to be creative, so don't let a new type of assignment hinder you. Your photo essay should have an organized theme, linking two photos in some way in the essay.

Theme ideas include a certain area or region (urban or rural), lost jobs, a personal story, the recession, immigration, economic impact of globalization, low-paying jobs, slums, kids and poverty, hunger, elderly and poverty, single parents and poverty, health care and poverty, drugs, or other social issues that may be associated with poverty. You are not limited to these ideas; you may pick any theme that you think depicts the economic struggles of Americans.

You will submit the following in one document:

  1. Two photos that support one common social theme.
  2. Each photo must come from a different webpage, article, or source. In other words, do not find an article or photo essay online and copy both photos from that one source. The photos may be your own photos, photos found online, or a combination of both.
  3. Provide a 100-word (minimum) description for each of the two photos that states what each of the photos represents.
  4. The descriptions should educate the reader about the social theme you are presenting.
  5. Provide a 150-word (minimum) summary of your photo theme and explain how social class as a social structure influences the opportunities or life choices for the individuals or individual in your photo essay.
  6. Conclude with a statement of what you learned from this photo essay assignment.

Please make sure to cite the source of each photo and any other source materials used in this assignment. Click here for assignment examples and instructions on how to cite and reference photographs.

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Topic: SOC Photo summary
Thesis statement: The US, like many other countries, faces the problem of poverty and unequal
wealth distribution.
The paper addresses the US economic struggles due to a lack of jobs, especially among
the immigrants who turn to drug abuse and other criminal activities (Bethman and Bickford,
The selected photos include: ➢ Figure 1: Immigrants and the poor protesting against forceful eviction from the
US streets (Waters, 2019).
➢ Figure 2: Protests on increasing poverty level in the US ("Possible Solutions,"
➢ I have learned that there are many Americans who are unemployed and live poorquality lives in the biggest economy in the world (Waters, 2019).
➢ Homelessness and crime are the main impacts of the lack of jobs or poor pay in
the US economic system.
➢ Conclusion
➢ References



SOC Photo Summary



SOC Photo summary
The US, like many other countries, faces the problem of poverty and unequal wealth
distribution. The US struggles to eradicate poverty, which is more pronounced in some parts of
the country than others. Poverty makes the American community bitter with each other due to
social segregation and divisional lives that the citizens live. Many Americans face adverse
economic struggles, including unemployment, job insecurity, low payment per hour and inflation
(Bethman and Bickford, 2017). Americans have personal stories of the struggles in the biggest
economy and tales of economic times through recession eras and the biting cost of living in the...

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