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Humanities 101 Paper Ideas *Start with the question: Who Am I? What is my life focus? If you write a paper based on comparing and contrasting new ideas with something that is familiar to you, it will make for a more interesting paper and one that is easier to write. Are you an artist? Compare and contrast your favorite art/artist with a historical artistic era For example, Cave Art vs. Graffiti Art Are you an architecture student/lover? Compare/contrast a modern piece of architecture in your own neighborhood with a historical structure. Are you a musician? Compare/contrast historical music with a contemporary or your favorite piece of music. Are you an actress or actor? Compare and contrast ancient Greek comedy or tragedy with a current or modern day film using the same ideas. For example: Aristophanes- "Lysistrate" Aeschylus- "Agamemnon" Sophocles- "Antigone" "Rights of Passion" Euripides- "Medea" "Women of Troy" OR Compare/contrast ancient Greek comedy or tragedy with Shakespeare or a current playwright. Are you a literature buff? Compare/contrast two ancient texts. For example: the Bible vs. the Hindu Vedas OR Compare contrast one ancient text with your favorite author. Are you a video gamer? Compare a video game that is set in an ancient period of time with the ACTUAL time period. Are you a feminist or interested in women's rights issues? Compare/contrast any ancient civilization of women with today's women. Are you interested in military tactics or weaponry? Compare/contrast any ancient civilizations weapons and war tactics with that of today's military. Are you a criminal justice major? Compare/contrast any ancient civilization's code or laws or ethics with those of the United States today. For example, Hammurabi's code compared and contrasted with our current set of laws and moral codes. Are you interested in the gods of the civilizations who practiced polytheism? Compare and contrast the gods and goddesses of Mesopotamia or Egypt with those of Greece and Rome.
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Graffiti art versus Street art
When the question of “who am I” pops up in our mind, it brings out a lot of concerns
about us. This does not mean to I identify yourself in terms of career, race or nationality but
merely the free and conscious self-persona. The free conscious self-persona I consider my self as
an artist.
As a "conceptual painter", when asked about art, I am not the individual inspired by the
relationship of structure, shading or the sorts. Again I do not characterize myself as an
abstractionist, but instead, as an individual intrigued uniquely with regards to communicating
fundamental human feelings, for example, fate, disaster, euphoria, etc. This is what once my
vision of artistry was, yet I'm not grasping our meaning by art today? Why is characterizing the
idea so troublesome? Like now when we say so, and so is graffiti artist and street artist. Yet t...

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