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Pre-Speech Assistance Chart

Building upon this week’s lectures and reading, you will complete a chart that will assist you in your upcoming speeches. The purpose of this chart is to:

1.Identity your chosen speech topic, defining both your credibility and your specific goal

2.Identify reputable and scholarly library sources to use as support for your arguments

3.Construct oral citations for those sources to ensure your speech reflects principles of effective and ethical delivery. Use this guide to help with your citations.

Please see the chart attached here. Download it, complete it in Microsoft Word, and then upload the completed document to the assignment folder.Outlining a Speech

Outlining a Speech

In the past two weeks, you analyzed two different TED speakers, providing a section-by-section breakdown of their performance. This week, you will select another TED video to analyze, with a specific focus on their organizational process Visit and watch several TED speakers. Note that you can sort by topic, speaker, and a host of other criteria. You can watch any TED talk you wish—except for the one you watched for the Week 2 or Week 3 assignment. Also, make sure the TED talk has someone delivering a speech face-to-face, meaning you cannot outline a speech where it’s just a voice over (just voice presenting through PowerPoint or photos). If you’re looking a more concentrated list, you might also wish to visit this link, which highlights the 25 most popular TED talks of all time.

Building upon this week’s lectures and reading, you will outline a talk given by someone else. As you do, think carefully and critically as an audience member. Try to identify clear introductory elements (attention-getter, thesis, credibility statement, preview, etc.), clear main points, transitions, and other devices of speech organization.

Please see the attached outline template here. Download, complete it in Microsoft Word, and then upload the completed document to the assignment folder.

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Week 4 Speech Outline Graphic Organizer
Part One: Outlining Speech

How to get your mind to focus

Video Title

Chris Bailey


Video Link


Your Response / Information

Attention Getter

Storytelling: The speaker narrates about his past experiences with distractions


from the phone and failing to maintain attention.
Relevance Statement
(Reason to Listen)

Suspense: The suspense developed through the narration gave me the urge to
continue listening.

Thesis Statement:

Human beings can harness their attention to achieve a more in-depth focus with
minimal distractions and even become more creative in their thoughts.

Credibility Statement

The speaker informed the audience of the methodology and how he “poured
hundreds of research papers” to obtain 25000 words about attention.

Preview of Main Points

Our ability to concentrate is the key to creativity, productivity, and living a
purposeful life.

Transition to 1st point

Rhetorical question: How does techno...

Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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