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Your outline should include one or two sentences addressing the following questions: also remember that you will need to include 8 to 10 references for this outline. See the assignment details for specifics on the requirements for the references. Also visit the following M.U.S.E. link for assistance with constructing and substantiating an argument. https://www.chds.us/coursefiles/NS2013/lectures/res_colloq_form_an_arg_v01/player.html

  • How did you select the topic in terms of its importance to the social community?
    • Did it come from the media? Why or why not?
  • What are the issues, problems, or policies that need to be addressed?
    • Is it an issue, problem, or policy? Explain.
    • Is it a combination of an issue, problem, or policy? Why or why not? Explain.
  • What implemented changes are proffered to affect the topic(s) selected?
    • Be specific with recommended changes.
    • Match recommendations with the specific component that you are intending the implementation to affect.
  • How are the changes valid for the topic(s)? (This is the defense portion and should be significant.)
    • The positions and changes recommended must be defended with logic and facts.
    • Facts must all be supported with adequate research sources from legitimate references (cite the facts in APA style in the outline).
      • Without defended recommendations, this paper will have no merit.
  • What is the anticipated outcome of the changes for the research topic(s)?
    • Use logic and deductive approaches to the anticipated outcome.
    • If you can show something to be so, and it relates to the next step, then the deduction will be strong.
    • Remember that if any of the arguments in deductive logic are false, then the outcome cannot be valid.

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Detailed Key Outline: Overcrowding in the Prison System




Detailed Key Outline: Overcrowding in the Prison System
Topic selection and importance to the social community
The topic was highlighted in various media outlets and selected through an analysis of
literature from online sources. These sources revealed overcrowding to be a significant issue in
the correction system and how it adversely affects the process of rehabilitation (McCarthy,
2018). It also puts a strain on state budgets (Williams, 2014). The American Civil Liberties
Union (n.d) emphasizes the importance of the issue to the social community since at least one in
every four Americans has had a running with the system and has an implication on their lives.
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2013) indicates that overcrowding gives rise to great
humanitarian concern
Issues, problems, or policies that need to be addressed
The question of congestion in the prison system which needs to be addressed is a
combination of an item, a problem as well as policy. It is an essential area of discussion that
needs to be addressed in order to attain a lasting solution. Further, it is a problem since it
adversely impacts the inmates as well as the society at large. Finally, the issue results from the
policies that have been adopted by the justice syst...

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