Washington Adventist University Importation and Exportation of Cars from The United States to Saudi Arabia.

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I want you to write 7 pages about Import & Export Cars from United States to Saudi Arabia this is my business plan and I want you to write how are we going to do this business. I want five powerpoint slides with few sentences on each slide about the topic. Plus Please cite the work in the last page by itself also be professional, simple, and understandable. I want very good quality of work no copying from the internet thanks

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Hey buddy! Here is the final copy for reviews.

Business Plan - Importation and Exportation of Cars from the United States to Saudi

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Executive Summary
My business will majors in importation and exportation of cars from the United States to
Saudi Arabia. Any business needs to have a business plan. This is because it helps to provide a
direction of where the company is heading or it may also help to attract investors. A business
plan will help my company to succeed (Magee & Rao, 1980). The policies and procedures
involving importation and exportation of goods and services in both Saudi Arabia and the United
States are very important as this will guide me on how I will carry out my business. I have to
adhere to all the regulations to facilitate the running of my business. Starting a business requires
a little upfront cost that will facilitate the first steps in my business (Sahlman, 1997).
Company Description
My company deals with importation and exportation of cars from the United States to
Saudi Arabia. My company is known as BEFCO Trading Limited. It is an importation and
exportation company. This is a type of company that majors in exportation and importation of all
types of cars from the United States to Saudi Arabia. The company’s main aim is to ensure that
all the latest models are availed in Saudi Arabia and also those that are in the United States. This
promotes the idea of sharing and hence development is going to be noted in both the countries.
BEFCO Trading Limited is in need of expanding its business by interacting with the best carproducing companies in both the United States and in Saudi Arabia. Acting as a middleman is a
nice idea as my company is going to make huge profits through the sale of different brands of
BEFCO Trading Limited will be an export and import car exchange limited liability
Business taking benefit of a chance by the novel blending of resources, in techniques that have
an influence on the used car marketplace in Saudi Arabia. Through this corporate plan, I as the

forming entrepreneur, intend to change this opportunity into an operative company. This is
triggered by the enabling environment that will enable me to export and import cars from the
United States to Saudi Arabia.
With information retrieved from the website of the opportunity of trading new goods, it
helps my business to fill in the gap that is there in the industry. The people in Saudi Arabia will
not have to ship the type of car they are interested in in the United States. All brands of cars will
be availab...

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