ISSC 471 American Military Attack on Department of Justice Analysis Report

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ISSC 471

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Below is the current affairs assignment for this term:

Please write an analysis report about the recent hacktivist group "Anonymous" attack on Department of Justice In the report, please answer the following questions:

1- What type of attack was launched on DOJ?
2- What was compromised or breached?
2- How was the attack accomplished if known?
4- Your own analysis and feedback about the attack?


report must be at least 3 pages not including the cover and reference pages and must follow the APA style. You are welcomed to provide more pages if you like, but no more than 6 pages. You must include at least 3 references.

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Running Head Attack on the DOJ
Attack on the Department of Justice
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Attack on the Department of Justice


Cybercrime has become a common occurrence in the United States with government agencies,
companies and other organizations being affected. This is usually done by hackers with
malicious intentions. However, cybercrime is illegal, and the United States government has come
up with cyber laws and regulations on how this vice can be curbed. Recently, hacktivism has
been on the rise. The state of Michigan’s official website was hacked as a means to protest water
shortage. The main intention of this attack was to create attention to the flint water crisis.
Hacktivism is a mixture of activism and hacking meant to protest against social injustice through
the use of hacking. Anonymous is the most popular hacktivism group at the moment. The group
has hacked government servers and leaked documents to people as a means of protest. There was
a hack in the official site of North Carolina to protest trans...

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