Deanza College Inter Club Council & Social Justice Project Research Paper

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will write a 8 page, typed, double-spaced paper, analyzing your service

learning project sociologically. Here’s how:

1. Spend the first 1-2 pages introducing me to the organization or club. Introduce me to their

history, mission, the population it serves or the cause it promotes, and your role in the

club or organization.

2. The next 2-4 pages should be an analysis of the club/organization. Choose three

sociological concepts you learning in class and

a. Define the concept


by referring to the course material.

b. Show, in detail, how this concept applies to what you’ve observed in your


3. The last 1-2 pages should be a critical evaluation of the club/organization. While I’m sure

it does good work, no club or organization is perfect. How could it be improved? What

suggestions do you have?

Things to remember:

1. Cite your sources. You cannot get an A without citing.

2. Be concise, but provide details.

3. Choose difficult, but applicable, concepts. Some sociological material is harder to grasp

than others. I encourage you to take risks and challenge yourself, rather than playing it


4. Show me you’ve been coming to class and reading the books. Incorporate as much course

material as you can.


Ps: Once I have order with you I will provide more details to you

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Running Head: SOCIOLOGY


Introduction to Sociology


Introduction to Sociology

The organization that is chosen for this discussion is the Associated Student of Foothill
College. It is a student organization from Foothill College. The governing body of this organization
is the Campus Council, which is responsible for all the affairs of the ASFC. The goal of the
organization to give a voice to all students and enabling them to become integral parts of the
college community. The organization steer its goal through student advocacy and allocating funds
for new programs and projects (Foothill College, n.d). These responsibilities are executed by the
Campus Council, which also provides and administers programs of activities and services for
students. It also shares governance in the development of Foothill College policies and annual
budget. The council is also responsible for appointing officers and students to campus-wide
Various clubs and projects found ASFC, and among them is the Social Justice Project.
ASFC is founded by students and aims to serve the students of Foothill College. The governing
council of the organization is made up of several branches. They include the president board,
activities board, and administration board, each with specified responsibilities. The president board
is chaired by the president, who serves as the chief executive officer (Foothill College, n.d). The
leader oversees all the ASFC Campus Council meetings. The board is also made up of other
members like the parliamentarians, student rights officers, and delegates and secretary, although
these are non-elective positions. The Activities Board is chaired by the vice president and serves
the voting members of the ASFC Campus Council. The Administration Board develops and
recommends policies, codes, and regulations, ASFC to the ASFC Campus Council.



The Inter Club Council (ICC) supports clubs in the process of financial request, activation,
and event approval. The Social Justice Project that I volunteered is comprised of four members I
inclusive. It advocates for the climate crisis by the discussion on how we can raise awareness on
this topic to the public. My responsibility in the club also includes helping the vice president in
preparing the meetings and sorting out the ICC board files. I also ensure that every club has a
constitution and a proper signature. I am a volunteer at the Social Justice Project at the ICC. The
club presents the representation every week by attending meetings every Tuesday. All the
representatives of the club are required to sign-in during the meetings. They then need to report to
the club all the proceedings of the meeting.
Sociological Concepts-Functionalism
The analysis of the ASFC can be done from the concept of functionalism. This approach
establishes that components of society rely on one another. The element also plays a role towards
achieving the stability and functioning of the system. The functionalist perspective is among the
major theories in sociology (Crossman, 2019). It was forwarded by Emile Durkheim to study social
order, and how it can support a society in remaining stable.
Functionalism theory explains that society is more than the combination of its components,
and each work to promote the balance of the whole. It percei...

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