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Select a topic in the field of family violence. What is your topic? What is its history both legal and social? How have other societal institutions impacted the way we think about your topic? What sociological theory exists that attempts to explain what you are researching? What theories from our text attempt to explain what you are researching? How has your topic been studied? What significant findings have been discovered? What questions remain unanswered? Where do we go from here? What potential solutions or responses have been suggested to contend with the area of family violence you are researching? If you were going to take on the task of researching your topic, how might you do it?

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Physical Violence
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Physical Violence
The establishment of families is on different grounds, whereby the degree of the bonds
indicate the closeness. Some families are based on the requirements of the law for the sake of the
children. They are present to find a set up that accommodates. Recently, the law has assisted
children in growing up in the most accommodative aspects of these families. Separation takes
place when wrangles start in families. Children are affected by the degree of physical violence
that one member of the family, mainly the mother, is subjected to by the father. The instances
create an aura of stigma in their minds. That lead to fear or aggression, depending on the
environment. Also, children are likely to develop self-defense in the environment they live in as
a home.
The social adjustments that are based on activisms require that victims make reports to
the relevant authorities for a cause of action. However, there is a high number of instances that
physical abuse victims do not report. Also, they bear the effects in a bid to solidify their
marriages or their allegiance to their spouses. In the recent past, instances of physical violence
have attracted attention towards the authority whereby women are the largest population as
victims. Due to the threats, they face while in family setups, they bear the kicks, slaps, and blows



on their bodies, hoping things will change. Primarily, physical violence is triggered by the use of
substances, especially by men. Women are physically abused when they differ in their opinions
with men that make it hard to bring them to a consensus.
Physical violence makes the victims afraid of the partner every time they are around with
high rates of uneasiness. Victims will compromise towards their abuser demands to avoid
making them angry at any instance. It makes them feel that they are on the wrong in the
expectations of the abuser. Also, they have problems walking away from abusive relationships.
They will make sacrifices that are not worth in a bid to meet the conditions to avoid being hurt.
In many cases, the abuser starts...

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