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1unit 1 DB2  98A
2Unit I Quiz688B
3Unit II Discussion Board295A
4Unit II Case Study1294A
5Unit III Discussion Board295A
6Unit III Homework695A
7Unit IV Discussion Board290A
8Unit IV Web Assignment1085B
9Unit V Discussion Board298A
10Unit V Article Review1278C
11Unit VI Discussion Board290A
12Unit VI Case Study1285B
13Unit VII Discussion Board297A
14Unit VII Quiz640F
15Unit VIII Discussion Board2100A
16Final Exam20

grade avarage now before final is 67.98%

I want to know how this is calculated. black numbers are weight of the assigment. please help me. also let me know if i fail on final will 67 will come down? or stay same ? just let me know how this works with examples. thanks

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Okay so I have attached an excel sheet for you to look at.  I have input the grades and the weights.  The next column I titled grade points this is the weight / 100 * the grade.  This is essentially how much each activity will contribute to the final grade.  I left your final exam score blank (with a large ...

Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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