Completing Your Strategy Playbook and Summary Diagram

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our final, synthesized Strategy Playbook for Extraordinary Results is due at the end of this week, and it represents what can be thought of as a form of “Due Diligence Analysis,” where you are trying to step into the role of either a consultant to a senior leadership team, or are a member of that team, and where you are preparing a “forward-looking,” “crisp,” and “impactful” analysis about where you think the company ought to be going over the next 5 years or so, and how it might get there.

To prepare your Final Draft:

Review this week’s media piece Capstone Strategy Playbook for Exceptional Results: Description of the Playbook. This media piece provides a description of the contents of the Strategy Playbook, which was also a resource for you in Week 1.

Submit your playbook, which includes the following elements:

  1. A cover page
  2. A written Executive Summary that provides key highlights of your playbook
  3. A strategy map or other playbook summary diagram
  4. An appendix, your synthesized, integrated compilation of your previous playbook entries

General Format: All sections should be single-spaced. Start with a cover page and begin numbering the pages with the Executive Summary and continue the page numbers through the very end (Appendix included). References should be included after the Appendix and follow APA sixth edition format.

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Final Draft


Final Draft
Executive Summary

Costco is a wholesale corporation that operates international al in a chain of warehouses.
They have a different business model where the warehouse is accessed through membership,
which tallies to $55 annually. The renewal rate is at 90% in North America and 87% in the rest of
the world (Page, 2019). The company goes by the name 'Costco Wholesale.' The brand is well
established, and the products are quality. One main advantage that keeps them on the lead is the
competitively priced products that are sold at wholesale prices. When walking around Costco’s
stalls, you will see only a few selected brands of saying baked beans as opposed to the numerous
other brands in the market. The brands are from selected companies. This makes the chosen
companies compete to be on Costco’s shelves. This competition gives Costco the advantage of
picking the lowest price for the least amount of money. The enterprise is designed to help the
small to medium price enterprises to purchase for resale. The wholesale prices are also open to
the public as well.
Most of Costco’s goods are packaged and sold in wholesale. Taking the example of
buying canned beans, rather than having a single can in the display, there is a dozen pack of these
cans. The overall of the bulk item is cheaper compared to buying it single from other retailers
like Walmart. However, Costco does have a wide variety of brands for a single piece. It is
estimated that the company only has about 4000 brands in their inventory. This is advantageous
to the vendor since he receives a massive amount of sales at a go, as opposed to having
numerous vendors on a shelf where only one item will be picked. This strategy allows for the
prices to be reduced dramatically, at the same time allowing for a reasonable profit margin.
Costco's other approach is that they do not pack the items purchased by a customer. The
customer must carry their own storage bags. It is a shrewd move since they sell on a large scale;
they could spend a fortune packing all the products purchased. These strategies have allowed
Costco to grow steadily in the last couple of years, and the trend is not ending anytime soon. To
top it all off, Costco pays its employees well plus other benefits, this keeps the emp...

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