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What do you believe is the greatest social problem facing our country today? This can be something general (ex., Poverty, Crime, Sexism, Racism, etc.) or be more specific within larger social problems (ex., Affordable Housing or Mass Incarceration)

Pick One:

A. Describe this social problem and why you think it is important.

B. Describe how it relates to different Social institutions

C. In your opinion, what is the most important way to alleviate your identified social problem?

General instructions for your essay:

Make sure you reach the minimum word requirement for this long essay (400 words)

DO NOT use quotes or outside resources in your paper

Use academic language

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Gun Control
The greatest social problem that our country faces today is gun control. The mitigation of
violent crimes is one of the most politically sought after subjects in the United States.
Unfortunately, the US has been plagued with a very unique crime that every other country in the
world does not experience to the same degree. Mass shootings are on the rise, and as a result,
conversations concerning gun co...

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