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This assignment asks that you choose a live theatre performance to attend with the intention of analyzing it and then writing a typed review/evaluation of the performance. When you turn in your critique, you must include your proof of attendance.

How to Write a Critique for a Theatrical Performance

A critique is an evaluation of a performance of a show. It should contain five paragraphs.

  1. Paragraph 1—The Basics

Include the answers to the five W’s:

Who (the playwright, directors, and actors What (the title of the play)
Where (the name of the school or theater) When (when did you see it?)

Why (In a few sentences, state the basic theme of the show)

  1. Paragraph 2—The Plot

Briefly summarize the plot of the show:

How well did the story work? Was it interesting, entertaining?

  1. Paragraph 3—The Acting

Reactions to the performers playing the characters in the play:

Use their real names and character names
Were they believable?
How was their volume and articulation?
Did their gestures and body movement stay true to the character?

  1. Paragraph 4—The Design

Set: *Did it establish a definite mood and correct time period for the play? Lights: *Did they convey appropriate mood, emphasis, and brightness? Costumes and Makeup: *Were they true to the period of the show and to the characters? Sound: *How did the sound effects and music contribute to the show’s mood?

*If this performance was a musical, what is your opinion of the orchestra’s performance?

  1. Paragraph 5—The Reaction

What is the play’s effect on the audience?

What was your opinion of the show as a whole?

  1. Remember to:

A judgment or recommendation – would you recommend others see this play?

Back up all your opinions with valid reasons.
Be objective, fair, and sincere.
Evaluate the entire production.
Be constructive. Indicate good points along with those you felt needed improvement.

Enjoy the show—don’t go to be overly critical.

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Explanation & Answer


Running head: TAKE ME OUT


Take Me Out


Take Me Out
The Basic
Richard Greenberg, an American playwright, developed the play ‘Take Me Out’ which

was initially staged in London by Don Mar Warehouse with The Public Theater in 2002. I was in
Singapore in 2014 when Take me out was produced by Tim Garner Production, which ran for
one week at the DBS Arts Centre. Greenberg brings out numerous frames of mind toward
homosexuality by drawing his primary character as a quite absolute, one of a kind person. Darren
Lemming is the headliner who has driven his group to win two Worlds Series in succession.
The Plot
A significant part of the play is set in the storage space of an expert baseball crew, and all
things considered has an all-male cast that investigates subjects of homophobia, prejudice, class,
and manliness in sports. While Glenn Burke was out to partners and group proprietors during
the 1970s and Billy Bean turned out in 1999 in the wake of resigning from playing in Major
League Baseball for eight seasons, at the hour of the composition of this play no Major League
Baseball player had ever turned out to general society during his vocation. This play is the
sensational investigation of what such an occasion may resemble. Dramatist Greenberg has
expressed that one of the impulses for making a baseball play was his complete inundation into
the game in 1999 after following the New York Yankees' (at that point) record one hundred and
fourteen-win season the earlier year, starting with David Wells' ideal game. Many accept the
motivation for Lemming is previous American Major League Baseball player Derek Jeter of the...

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