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Assignment 1: Demographics, Target Market and Lists for a Clothing Retailer You are the marketing director of a multichannel retailer selling clothes for children up to age 13. These are high-end products, with an average order of $100 plus. You sell through retail, catalogs and a web site. Although you have a lot of transactional information about your customers (products purchased, amount of purchase, purchase date and historical customer/order data, you don’t know very much about the demographics of your customers. Up to now, the catalog has only been mailed using response lists of direct mail buyers of similar products. You have exhausted the list choices, and must make some decisions about going beyond response lists and testing new lists for your next mailing. The questions that you need to answer are: 1. How would you learn about the demographics of your customers? 2. Specify what you believe would be a good target market and why. 3. What other kinds of lists would you test, beyond existing customers and the sources that have already been used? ? Be specific in how they relate to your target market. 4. What list segments would you test in the next mailing? 5. Can you find lists that include postal address as well as e-mail address to execute a multichannel marketing campaign? Provide a specific list vendor who might be able to provide the lists necessary. Remember to support your answers with reasons for why your solutions are the best. This assignment is due on Sunday, 6/8/2014. Format: Use a question and answer format (first state the question, then provide your answer) in 12-point font using 3-4 pages, double-spaced. Turnitin Requirement: This assignment must be submitted to Turnitin prior to submitting to the course assignment folder. Please post the Turnitin match percentage on the assignment. Grading: This assignment is worth 50 points, which is 10% of your grade. The purpose of this assignment is for you to take the concepts that have been presented in the course and apply them to a practical problem. You will receive more points based on how well your answers reflect your understanding of the material presented and how well you can apply it. Some Hints on completing the assignment: The class module and textbook readings contain a wealth of information about lists, sources of lists and processes for finding, developing and evaluating them. This should be a starting point. You may need to go to the Internet to identify additional list sources and what they can provide. ...
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