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What are some excerpt examples in the play -gender, gender conflict and gender inequality in Antigone.

Jun 7th, 2014

Blest, they are truly blest who all their lives 

have never tasted devastation. For others, once 

the gods have rocked a house to its foundations 

the ruin will never cease, cresting on and on 

from one generation on throughout the race— 

like a great mounting tide 

driven on by savage northern gales, 

surging over the dead black depths 

roiling up from the bottom dark heaves of sand 

and the headlands, taking the storm’s onslaught full-force, 

roar, and the low moaning 

echoes on and on 

and now 

as in ancient times I see the sorrows of the house, 

the living heirs of the old ancestral kings, 

piling on the sorrows of the dead 

and one generation cannot free the next- 

some god will bring them crashing down, 

the race finds no release. 

And now the light, the hope 

springing up from the late last root 

in the house 

by the long, bloody knife swung by the gods of death 

by a senseless word

by fury at the heart

Jun 7th, 2014

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Jun 7th, 2014
Jun 7th, 2014
Sep 24th, 2017
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