Prepare an 8-10 minute audio training tutorial (video is optional) for new nurses on the importance of nursing-sensitive quality indicators.

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PREPARATIONThis assessment requires you to prepare an 8–10 minute audio training tutorial (with optional video) for new nurses on the importance of nursing-sensitive quality indicators. To successfully prepare for your assessment, you will need to complete the following preparatory activities:

  • Select a single nursing-sensitive quality indicator that you see as important to a selected type of health care system.
  • Conduct independent research on the most current information about the selected nursing-sensitive quality indicator.
  • Interview a professional colleague or contact who is familiar with quality monitoring and how technology can help to collect and report quality indicator data. You do not need to submit the transcript of your conversation, but do integrate what you learned from the interview into the audio tutorial. Consider these questions for your interview:
    • What is your experience with collecting data and entering it into a database?
    • What challenges have you experienced?
    • How does your organization share with the nursing staff and other members of the health care system the quality improvement monitoring results?
    • What role do bedside nurses and other frontline staff have in entering the data? For example, do staff members enter the information into an electronic medical record for extraction? Or do they enter it into another system? How effective is this process? 

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8 Minutes
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Nurse sensitive quality TASKS
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What is the NDNQI
 The NDNQI refers to the national database for nursing (NDNQI,n.d).
 It provides data reporting structures on annual and quarterly basis.
 Aims at providing hospitals with the data that will help them improve the

care services.

nursing-sensitive quality indicators
 The nursing sensitive quality indicators reflect on the process, structure

and outcomes of patients in the nursing care set up (Rahn, 2016).
 They can be in the three different forms that include
 Nurse Satisfaction,
 Clinical Quality
 Patient Satisfaction.

 Indicators includes: Nursing rate of turnover, rate of patient falls, and

nursing services per patient and staff mix.

Nurse turnover
 Nurse turnover, issues come with the possibilities of the nurses leaving the

organization (Hayes et al., 2016).
 the nurses may leave on volunta...

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