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What are the differences between astrology & astronomy? Why is astrology is so popular around the world, many say it has failed all scientific tests of validity?

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Astrology is the "study" of how the position of the planets, and sometimes passing of smaller celestial bodies affect your life, or the lives of others. Really, ancient astronomy was astrology. When a new star showed up, it meant the birth of a king. When they saw a "shooting star" it meant a military victory. Astrology is fake, because the position of the planets will have no affect on our personalities, or our day unless you plan on observing them. 

Astronomy is the study of virtually everything in space. It is the study of the universe and the celestial bodies that inhabit it. Astronomers study stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, galaxies, nebulae, dark matter, dark energy, etc. Then you have "astrophysics" which is basically the study on how the universe works. Its the study of the physics in the universe. 

Astrology = fake 
Astronomy = real science

  • People like to think that they are the victims of forces beyond their control. I will add that most people are not sufficiently well educated to understand why astrology is not believable. Ignorant people are always inclined to think that who knows, it might be true.

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