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Should I focus more on SEO or social media when trying to generate leads for my small business?

Jun 13th, 2014

An ideal marketing strategy would involve a combination of multiple media including print, online, in-bound, and out-bound focusses. However, for a small business with limited resources, you may not be able to pursue all these avenues at once. Instead, you should focus on the tactic that will have the biggest impact for you and your product/services.

Evaluate your target audience and your business model. Here are some things to consider when deciding on what to focus on first:

Focus on SEO first:
- Is your website the main way you acquire business?
 Implementing good SEO practices will ensure that your website gains lots of organic traffic and builds a solid online reputation 
- Is your industry highly competitive?
 Implementing lots of great quality content onto your site will identify you as an expert in your field, and differentiate you from the competition.

Focus on Social Media first:
- Don’t have the time and resources to create killer quality content on your website?
 Use social media to push traffic towards your website and raise awareness about your products and services. Share interesting content you’ve come across that is related to your industry and lead conversations about them.
- Does your product or service require a lot of back and forth interaction with your clients (trouble-shooting, set-up, etc)
 Offer value-added services like trouble-shooting in real-time via social media. It will get any issues resolved immediately and publically to further bolster your reputation as a valuable service-provider.
- Does your product or service allow for repeat business?
 Social media conversations allow for strong, long-term relationships to develop between you and your clients, creating the trust and familiarity you need to drive repeat business.

Jun 13th, 2014

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Jun 13th, 2014
Jun 13th, 2014
Oct 21st, 2017
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