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Hey I am intermediate pass student and i have my compartment result in Maths. So i dont want to waste my 1 more year for wating result for a year please suggest me courses for programming after which i could get job in facebook, Google, n all good software co. and could make my own things..

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Dear i am getting your problem . My suggestion is that you should work hard and you have to pass the The compartment first . i respect your determination and i like your plan of not wasting a year that's a good thing and a positive sign of a hardworking student. As your desire is to get a grip on programming and on developing after intermediate, the degree best suit for you is BSCS (Bachelors of Science in Computer science) this is equivalence to software engineering . it has many software and developers subject which can help you to be a professional programmer and this can help you to get a job in Facebook ,Google and in all good software co. i hope so you will like my suggestion .

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