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How do I make my convention booth attractive and a worthwhile marketing initiative?

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Convention booths are an excellent way to generate a slew of sales and interested leads in a minimal amount of time. Think about it: Conventions bring together all the main decision-makers in your industry who are on the look-out for new products and services that will help them in their businesses. In other words, conventions do the job of qualifying leads for you. The people that show up already have a need and are interested in buying a solution. Your job is to assess whether your product suits their current needs and then sell them on it face-to-face.

Consider these steps to make your trade show booth a success:

1. Be part of the hype: Much of the excitement in tradeshows stems from displays featuring the latest and greatest products/technologies. Try to always have an eye-catching, new product or promotion near the front of your booth, with appropriate signage and display, in order to draw people in. You can also try attracting people with a contest or have some exciting giveaways on hand.
2. Be sure to staff your booth with high energy, knowledgeable sales professionals. These types of people will not only draw people in, but keep them engaged and quickly provide accurate, customized information. Provide this staff with adequate training on in-person sales and selling to a buying team. Remember, they will only have a few minutes of face time to convince the decision-makers that come to their booth that your products are worth investigating.

3. Get your booth and collateral designed professionally, with brand consistency in mind. Make sure that all your collateral have clear calls to action and that it’s easy for potential customers to see how they can learn more and get in touch with you after the event.

4. Let some of your clients who are still in the pipeline know about the tradeshow. Perhaps meeting you in person amongst the hype and excitement of a tradeshow will be what they need to push them toward sealing the deal.

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