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How can I get more engagement on Twitter for my small business?

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There is no one correct way to engage potential customers online and through social media. For every business, several factors will tie into which marketing strategies you will use to engage your specific audience. As always consider the demographics of your potential clients and how these affect how they interact online.

Another thing to consider is general Twitter user trends, and apply that data to the frequency, length, and time of day of your tweets. Dan Zarella collected and compiled detailed statistics on Twitter trends. Based on his data, he suggests the following tips:

- Tweets should be between 120-130 characters long
- Links should be placed in the first quarter of a tweet
- Don’t overload the number of tweets shared in an hour – less tweets = more clicks
- Pay attention to phrases used in your tweets – some lead to more clicks than others
- Use more action words (verbs) and less nouns
- Tweet on the weekends for more clicks
- Tweet in the afternoon versus morning for more clicks

Of course, not all of these tips will apply to every business, so apply this data to your own Twitter strategies carefully. Look at what you know about your own audience, and evaluate whether these suggestions make sense for your business.

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