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The CEO of Chip's Widgets, Inc. is beginning to see that an operations manager may have some value for his company. However, he is a shrewd businessperson who feels he just made a significant investment in additional staff and will not hire an operations manager based on one good letter. You still have some work to do because Mr. Chip has now asked you to present the points in your letter in greater detail to him and his two business partners.

He would also like you to explain how recruitment and selection of an operations manager will add to his company's strength, and he would like to understand current human resource trends and how those trends might help the company. In addition, because he has business contacts in other industries, he wants you to help him explore outsourcing some of the HR functions just as he does with payroll and legal services, in lieu of hiring an operations manager.

To complete this assignment, develop a PowerPoint presentation that contains the following slides:

  • cover slide
  • A slide that explains what strategic human resources      means and how strategic recruitment and selection can strengthen growing      companies, in particular, and offer them a competitive advantage
  • A slide that reiterates the benefits of hiring an      operations manager that you included in your letter
  • At least one slide that outlines your proposed      recruitment strategy for the operations manager position
  • A slide that highlights current trends in the      employment market and explains their impact on strategic human resources      planning; in the Notes section of the slide, discuss the Affordable Care      Act and other legislature that could impact staffing levels and plans
  • A slide that examines the advantages and disadvantages      of outsourcing and outlines how these advantages and disadvantages      influenced your proposed recruitment strategy
  • A summary slide to reiterate the benefits of your      planned recruitment strategy

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