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What are the biggest factors affecting the health of our population? How could we become healthier

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I believe that the biggest factors pertaining to the health of our population has to be obesity and the economy. Now a days, parents are letting their children eat more and more outside of the home, such as at fast food restuarants. We all know these foods are greasy and full of fats. To ensure that we can bring down some of the factors involving the obesity that is occuring within our societies, is trying to establish proper eating methods amongst our children. I focus more on the children because that is where the generation begins, if a child is taught to eat unhealthy foods, then they will grow to teach their children the same thing. On another note, when it comes to the economy, there is more and more families living under poverty, and for that fact, they are no longer able to afford healthier foods for themselves and their children. The poverty levels within some societies are getting so bad, that eating healthy is just out of the picture. So I believe that if our counties could implement sometype of programs to teach families living on low incomes how to manage their funds while purchasing foods, obesity and the economy could gain better health figures within the population.

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