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How can I research the airports I’ll be using on upcoming itineraries in terms of knowing what’s available and how to get around?

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Here are several online resources to help you keep on top of things once you arrive at your destination:

Websites provides information on both U.S. airports as well as airports worldwide. Useful features include real-time information on current arrivals/departures.

The airport information section of the global reservations system, Amadeus, offers compact descriptions on airports worldwide, including airport hotel options and local transportation.

The Sabre reservations system also has an airport information section, although it has a lot more detail on U.S. airports – which restaurants and shops are in which terminals, for instance -- than on overseas facilities.

iPhone Applications

Airport Maps will provide you with maps of the terminal, pinpointing restaurants and shops inside of it.

Flight Update allows you to track incoming flights and stay on the top of things at airports and provides you with seating charts and even meals on your flight.

Gate Guru lets you check up on what the best food, stores, and services are available at your gate.

iFly Pro covers 350 airports, and it includes information on restaurants, parking maps, retail stores, and so on. It also provides a rough idea as to what you can expect to pay for parking.

GPS-Eat-Shop comes with a collection of tools to help you find places to shop, eat, and even workout.

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