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WHo invented Morphine provide facts about Morphine

Please answer the following questions

What are the causes of Morphine addiction ?

The effects of Morphine?

Whats the plan of action to help prevent addiction to Morphine?

How is morphine prescibed 

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Invention and quick facts

Basically, morphine refers to a pain medication in the opiate family mostly found in some
plants and animals. It alleviates pain by acting on the CNS (Central Nervous System) to lessen
the feeling of pain. The medication can be used for severe pain and also lessen chronic pain due
to conditions such as cancer. Morphine can either be administered through the mouth or through
injections into the muscles, beneath the skin, in the area around the spinal cord. The chemical
isolation of Morphine was first done in the period between 1803 and 1805 by Friedrich
Serturner, this milestone is recognized as the first isolation of an active chemical ingredient from
a plant. The marketing of the drug commercially was beginning in 1827 but went mainstream
after the development of the intravenous syringe in 1853-1855.
Friedrich originally named the chemical substrate morphium in memory Morpheus the
Greek, god of dreams as it induced sleep tendency. Morphine was isolated from the poppy straw
of the opium poppy; approximately 70% of morphine is used in the production of the other
opioids like hydromorphone, heroin, and oxymorphone. This makes it a Schedule II substance in
the United States. In 2016 morphine was 158th in the list of most issued medications in the
United States with over three million prescriptions.
Causes of Morphine Addiction
Naturally, morphine is a very addictive compound. During controlled experiments
looking to compare the subjective and the physiological effects of morphine and heroin subjects
previously addicted to opiates, they did not any preference for either substance. Equipotent doses
had the same effects of respondents’ self-rate...

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