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Discussion1 :

Imagine that a "truth serum" existed that, when administered, would make everyone tell the pure, unedited truth in all situations. Discuss the pros and cons of such a product. (Are there times in which lying is necessary/acceptable?  Or should it be abolished entirely?)  Finish with a conclusion in which you either support or condemn the truth serum. Support your decision.

Discussion 2: 

The textbook cites physical appearance as a factor leading to attraction.  In our contemporary society, however, this view could be seen as shallow.  After all, we should never judge a book by its cover, right?  Do you agree that physical attraction is still a factor of attraction?  Or is this an antiquated notion that does not take modern maturity and social evolution into account?  Explain your answer.

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Truth serum
There are three thing that cannot be hidden for long; the sun, the moon and the truth. Although
the above statement is correct, some truths are not meant for everyone. Under the right
circumstances, use of the serum to liberate the truth would prove very useful to a nation’s
security. For example in acquiring intelligence from terrorist to prevent attacks. Concurrently, if
enemies of the states...

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