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Where can I find an accountant that specializes in handling small businesses and expenses for sales personnel?

Jun 19th, 2014

The Certified General Accountants Association of Canada is the umbrella organization for all of the provincial associations. Each provincial association offers an online directory or listing service to help you locate an accredited Certified General Accountant by their area of specialization.

CGA-Canada contributes to national and international accounting standard setting through co-operative professional relationships with other accounting bodies, represents the interests of the public and CGAs, and serves as an advocate for accounting professional excellence.

CGA-Canada establishes professional standards for its members through the Code of Ethical Principles and Rules of Conduct, the CGA Independence Standard and mandatory continuing professional development.


Certified General Accountants Association of Alberta

British Columbia:

Certified General Accountants Association of British Columbia


The Certified General Accountants Association of Manitoba

New Brunswick:

The Certified General Accountants of New Brunswick


The Certified General Accountants of Newfoundland

Northwest Territories/Nunavut:

CGA Northwest Territories/Nunavut

Nova Scotia:

Certified General Accountants of Nova Scotia


Certified General Accountants of Ontario

Prince Edward Island:

Certified General Accountants of Prince Edward Island


Certified General Accountants of Quebec

Saskatchewan (province does not have a lawyer referral program):

Certified General Accountants of Saskatchewan

Yukon Territory: 

Certified General Accountants of Yukon

Jun 19th, 2014

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Jun 19th, 2014
Jun 19th, 2014
Sep 19th, 2017
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