, identify two nutritional strategies and two exercise strategies

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use them to construct a personal lifestyle plan to improve or maintain your current health. Explain why following your personal plan is important toward ensuring optimal health in the future.

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Individuals can effectively alter their current perceptions regarding their health, cognitive mentality would produce repetitive behaviors; this would allow one to develop subconscious behavioral patterns. Basically, fake it till you make (Joel Osteen). The exercise would then be cognitive considerations, resulting in nutritional behaviors. Of course intake monitoring of healthy ingredients would have to be considered. Obvious strategy would include that of monitoring as the exercise and intake as the nutritional strategy. This is part of the plan that (you) have created. Perhaps if we focus on the cognitive portion of healthy habits, we can manipulate the current perception. First, following the plan is crucial, if humans would like to continue being active; nutrition, including that of healthy minerals, provides that body with the ability to physically function. In addition to simply moving around, continuing the ability to creatively think is something worth considering.

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