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EIGHTH E C- ros * தரosa Module 1 Feedback Form for Summer Day Camp You've taken a summer job as an intern at a local college that is offering summer camps for children. One of your duties is to put together a feedback form for parents to complete following a summer camp expe- rience. You use Word's table feature to create a simple one-page printed form that will be handed out to parents. To complete the form, you need to Set Up the Document, Build the Table Form, and Draw and Modify a Shape. The completed form appears in FIGURE 1-12 on page 13. Set Up the Document You open a document containing some of the text required for the completed form, save the document, apply a theme and Style Set, then create a table to contain the form. STEPS HINT Click in the Paragraph group on the Home tab to turn on paragraph marks. 1. Start Word, open the file PR 1-03.docx from the location where you store your Data Files, save it as PR 1-Summer Day Camp Feedback Form, then display paragraph marks 2. Select Lakeview College Summer Day Camps, click Title in the Styles gallery, select Feedback Form, then click Heading 1 in the Styles gallery 3. Click the Design tab, click Themes, then click Facet 4. Click the More button in the Document Formatting group to show the Style Set gallery, then click Centered as shown in FIGURE 1-7 5. Click the Colors button in the Document Formatting group, then click Green 6. Click the Colors button, click Customize Colors, click the Hyperlink list arrow, click Dark Green, Hyperlink, Darker 50%, then click Save You can experiment with different combinations of themes, Style Sets, colors, and customized colors to format a document precisely the way you want it. You can also customize fonts, paragraph spacing, and effects. 7. Click to the left of the paragraph mark below the first paragraph (ends with "camp instructor."), click the Insert tab, click Table, then click Insert Table 8. Enter 2 for the number of columns and 14 for the number of rows, then click OK 9. Enter text into the table form as shown in FIGURE 1-8, then save the document Word 8 Word Projects FIGURE 1-7: Style Set gallery PR 1 Summer Day Camp Feedback Form.docx - Word o File Home Insert Design Layout References Mailings Review View Tell me what you want to do Your Na Share Aa This Document Title A Themes Paragraph Spacing - Efects Set as Default Colors Fonts Watermark Page Page Color - Borders Page Background Built-in TITLE Title TITLE Title Title Title Title Title TITLE Toe Title Title TITLE NEO TITLE Title Titte E SI Reset to the Default Style Set Save as a New Style Set... Centered Style Set selected Feedback.Form | We hope your child's experience at Lakeview.College Summer-Day Camp-was-awesomel-Please to offer educational and this feedback form on behalf of your child and then leaving it with the camp instructor. 1 1 Lakeview.College Continuing Education --Summer-Day Camps- Box.554, Madison, WI-54703.Phone::608-555-8966 www.lakeviewcollegesummercamps.org1 arrow ornecedor or ni rotund woles en 130% Page 1 of 1 66 words ng English (United States) Jho Word 2016 dan FIGURE 1-8: Table text Camp Namen 6 | Camp•Instructora Camp.Daten Please check the represents your opinion of each item. Evaluation Overall.assessment of the summer day.campe Overall effectiveness of the instructora Design-and-pacing-of-the-day.campe Your child's overall assessmenta and administration Comments The best part of the was The be improved by Additional comments 1 D C Word Projects Word 9 Word 2016 Module 1 Feedback Form (continued) Build the Table You use a table to contain all the information needed for the feedback form. In the completed feedback form, some cells are merged to create larger cells and some cells are split to create a series of smaller cells. You need to merge selected cells, split other cells, then add the ranking information and check boxes. STEPS TROUBLE If the Ruler bar is not visible, click the View tab, then click the Ruler check box in the Show group to select it. TROUBLE Be sure to enter the text and the num- bers in the row under the text. 1. Select only the first three cells in column 1 of the table (from "Camp Name" to "Camp Date"), then drag the column divider to the left to 1.5" on the ruler 2. Click to the left of row 4 to select it, click the Table Tools Layout tab, then click Merge Cells in the Merge group 3. Select the six cells shown in FIGURE 1-9, click the Split Cells button in the Merge group, type 4 for the number of columns, then click OK 4. Separately merge each of the last four rows of the table into one column each 5. Select the row containing "Evaluation," click the Insert Below button in the Rows & Columns group, select the cell containing "Evaluation" and the blank cell below, then merge the two cells into one cell You can use the Merge Cells and Split Cells commands, as well as the insert and remove rows and cells commands to create an unlimited variety of table forms. 6. Click the top cell to the right of "Evaluation," type Excellent, then enter and center the remaining text as shown in FIGURE 1-10 7. Click the cell below "4" to the right of the Overall Assessment row, click the Insert tab, click Symbol in the Symbols group, click More Symbols, click the Font list arrow, select Wingdings, select the contents of the Character code text box, type 168, click Insert, then click Close 8. Select the cell containing the check box, click the Home tab, increase the font size to 14 pt, click the Center button in the Paragraph group, click the Copy button in the Clipboard group, select the remaining three cells in the row, then click the Paste button 9. Select the remaining four rows under the rankings that require check boxes, click the Paste button, compare the form to FIGURE 1-11, then save the document TROUBLE Select the cells and click if the check boxes are not centered. om d 10 Word Projects FIGURE 1-9: Table rows selected Pe Summer Disy Camp Feedback Form.daca Ward Q Home Insert Design Layout References Malinge Review Your 2. Same Design Layout Tematyou want to do I Height: 0 II Distribute Rous Split AutoFt Water 2.25 Titi Distribute Columns Table Cell Size Select View Properties Dram Eraser Gndlines Table Table Draw DOC Delete Insert Insert Insert Insert Above Below let Right Rows Columns Mege Split Cells Cells Merge CA Direction Mars AL Be Come to Tet Sot Is Familia Feedback Form We hope your child's experience at Lakeview College-Summer-Day Camp was-awesomel-Please help-us continue to offer educational and-fun-summer day.camps-by-completing this feedback. form on behalf of your child and then leaving-it-with-the-camp-instructor u Six cells selected 2 Camp.Named Camp Instructor Camp.Date Please check the box that best represents your opinion of each item.. Evaluation Overall-assessment of the summer day.campa Overall effectiveness of the instructor Design and pacing-of-the-day campo Your child's overall assessmenter Comments The best part of the wasa The Additional commentsa 1 OT Lakeview College-Continuing Education - Summer Day Camos E English (United States Page 1 of 1 134 words FIGURE 1-10: Ranking text entered Text from Excellent to Poor loo Average Poor Camp Named Camp-Instructor Camp-Dated Please check-the-box-that-best-represents your opinion of each item. Evaluation Excellenta Very: Gooda 41 39 Overall assessment-of-the-summer-day.campa Overall effectiveness of the instructora Design and pacing-of-the-day-campa Your child's overall-assessmenta Comments 201 12 Word 2016 g Numbers a from 4 to 1 69 FIGURE 1-11: Form with check boxes entered and formatted Feedback.Form We hope your child's-experience at Lakeview.College-Summer Day•Camp-was-awesome! Please help-us-continue to offer educational and fun summer day.camps-by.completing form on behalf of your child and then-leaving-it-with-the-camp-instructor. -1 Average Poora 22 101 Camp Named Camp.Instructora Camp.Date Please check the box that best represents.your opinion of each item. Evaluation Excellent Very. Gooda 40 34 Overall assessment of the summer day.campa Overall effectiveness.of the instructora Design and Your child's overall-assessmenta Day-camp-registration and administration Comments The best part of the Additional comments 1 D (Ctrl Word Projects Word 11 Word 2016 Feedback Form (continued) Module 1 Insert and Modify a Shape You enhance the completed table form with a table style and format select text, then draw and edit a shape. The completed document is shown in FIGURE 1-12. STEPS TROUBLE To see the Table Select button, move the pointer over the top left corner of the table. 1. Click the Table Select button , click the Table Tools Design tab, click the More button in the Table Styles group, then select Grid Table 4 - Accent 2 You can adjust table style options to get exactly the look you want. 2. Click the Header Row check box in the Table Style Options group to deselect it, then click the First Column check box to deselect it 3. Refer to the completed document in FIGURE 1-12; select rows 1 to 3, click the Table Tools Layout tab, type .3 in the Height text box in the Cell Size group, click the Align Top Right button 2, apply bold to text as shown in FIGURE 1-12, then add three hard returns in each of the last three table rows 4. Click to the left of "Lakeview College" at the top of the page, click the Insert tab, click Shapes in the Illustrations group, click the Sun shape in the Basic Shapes section, click to the left of the title, then position the sun between the top and bottom border lines 5. Select the contents of the Height text box in the Size group on the Drawing Tools Format tab, type .8, then set the Width at .8 6. Click the Shape Fill button in the Shape Styles group, click the Yellow color box in the selection of Standard Colors, click the Shape Outline button, then click No Outline 7. Click the Shape Effects button in the Shape Styles group, click Bevel, then click Art Deco (bottom right selection) 8. Increase the zoom to 200%, click Edit Shape in the Insert Shapes group, click Edit Points, then drag the top, left, right, and bottom black squares to resize the four sun rays so that the completed shape appears as shown in FIGURE 1-12 9. Click away from the shape, click the shape again, edit the points again if necessary so that each of the four points is the same size, click the Home tab, click the Copy button, click the Paste button, then decrease the Zoom to 120% and drag to position the copied shape to the right of the document title as shown in FIGURE 1-12 10. Add your name at the bottom of the document, save the document, then submit a copy to your instructor MORE PRACTICE For more practice with the skills presented in this project, complete Independent Challenge 2. Word 12 Word Projects SI FIGURE 1-12: Completed feedback form for summer day camp LAKEVIEW COLLEGE SUMMER DAY CAMPS Feedback Form We hope your child's experience at Lakeview College Summer Day Camp was awesome! Please help us continue to offer educational and fun summer day camps by completing this feedback form on behalf of your child and then leaving it with the camp instructor. Camp Name Camp Instructor Camp Date Please check the box that best represents your opinion of each item. Evaluation Excellent Very Good 3 Overall assessment of the summer day camp Overall effectiveness of the instructor Design and pacing of the day camp Your child's overall assessment Day camp registration and administration en Comments on The best part of the day camp for my child was The day camp could be improved by Additional comments Your Name 4 Lakeview College Continuing Education - Summer Day Camps Box 554, Madison, WI 54703 Phone: 608-555-8966 Average 2 Poor 1 Word Projects I Word 2016 Word 13Independent Challenge 1 Use columns to set up a document in landscape format to contain a program for an event of your choice. For example, you could create a program for a play produced by a local community theater group, a concert of music by a school choir, or another event of your choice. To help you determine the information required for your event program, follow the directions provided. 1. Determine the type of event for your program (concert, play, presentation, etc.), then enter a short description of the event in the box below. For example, you could describe a concert as "Musical Tribute: A Concert to Raise Funds for Hurricane Victims." Event Description: 2. Determine the details related to the event presented in the program, then list them in the box below. Event Date: Event Time: Event Location: Event Participants: 3. On a blank piece of paper, sketch the four panels (two panels on each side of the paper) that will make up the program and then determine what content appears on each panel. Remember that the cover of the program is panel 1 which appears in column 2 of page 1. Use the diagram in FIGURE 1-1 on page 3 as your guide. In the box below, briefly describe the contents of each of the four panels. Include information about any graphics such as pictures or logos that you plan to include. Panel 1 (front cover) Panel 2 (inside left) Panel 3 (inside right) Panel 4 (back cover) 4. Open a new blank document, set up your document so that it prints in landscape orientation, apply the theme of your choice, add a page, then create two columns on each page. Note that you can modify the page margins and the column margins as needed. 5. Save the document as PR 1-My Event Program to the location where you save the files for this book. 6. On the front cover, enter the title, time, date, and location of the event and any other information you want to include. Apply the text effect of your choice to the event title, then format the text so that it is spaced attractively on the cover. Insert a picture, change the text wrapping of the picture to Behind Text, then modify the picture so that the text is easy to read. 7. On page 2 of the program (the inside two panels), enter information about the event. Panel 2 generally lists the program events (for example, the list of pieces performed in a concert or the cast of a play) and panel 3 can carry on from panel 2 or contain additional information about the event. For the program events, set a tab with the leader option of your choice. 8. On the back cover of the program, enter additional text as needed. This text may be a continuation of the text on panel 3 or new text, depending on the nature of the event. 9. View the two pages of the program event in Multiple Pages view, then make adjustments to the spacing so the program prints correctly. 10. Print a copy of the program, double-sided if possible, and check that the spacing is correct. Make adjustments as needed until you are satisfied with the appearance of the program. 11. Enter your name at the bottom of the back cover of the program, check the spelling and grammar, save the program and submit it to your instructor, then close it. Word Projects I Word 20toit ert bib dar emot di 0910 60-111 el as of ask trist al & lone) nmulco bac srit soms A tran WE ARE to > brs dzlansq no 18sqgs forbriqsipoid nodus srü ol of bean ozle voy aso trott at no hat men fasl yd abro brederiqls ni siriquipoidrius gril hoz voy hotos ni msigor arb not yine odd to boa ari ja hoy quong design or File jornus bns blod yiqgs parlbssd rose of grilliermot en vigs 01/19159 160mol dolls FIGURE 1-3: Panels 2 and 3 Paste FIGURE 1-1: Diagram of the Program S Home Page 2 of 3 Clipboard Panel 4 Back Cover Contains Author Biographies and Sponser Logos Brid Cut Copy Format Painter E 602 words Insert Design Layout References Century Gothi - 11 A A Aa- BIU - * x₂ x A-Z-A Font Gerry Donahue... Wanda Sutton... George Ogilvie.. Tina Chow Love Page 1 uloo briopez and lo qod edi ********* Panel 1- Front Cover Contains Event Title and Photograph D English (United States) ****** Presets T One Two Number of columns: 2 Width and spacing Col#: Width: 1: Page 2 nometni ori? magong orb to hav FIGURE 1-2: Columns dialog box za lansq most erf) 101 1x91 192 s Columns 2: Host: Donna Shaw Equal column width Apply to: Whole document nodan zəirkumpula Mailings Review E-EN ====2-B The Renfrew Island Arts Council is proud to present an- evening of readings by our own Renfrew Island poets and- writers. Paragraph View Intermission Pattie Lemieux+ Novel Excerpt: The Saga of Cedar Springs Robert Lister.. ..... Four poems1 ..Short Story: Roses in the Moming1 Emma Harrison... Gail Leung. Short Story: The Last Picnic 4 Three Spacing: ...Short Story: Home Again Five poems ..Short Story: Palmer's Store Three poems m " Panel 2 Inside Left Contains Program of Author Readings 4 MARI PR 1-Event Program for Author Readings.docx - Word Tell me what you want to do. Left OK ? MIHI Right Start new column quong moos adi ni taps sigulum blb dat welv ert bil motion Renfrew Island Writers to ensAuthor Blographies owd an Panel 3 - Inside Right Contains Author Biographies X Cancel #qelqmos arts Line between erti Preview the erbala 2 inshi bola? E both the 02 binsoA Styles g of lon2 A opnus lin $106169 Jadi rodius ant Preview shows a 1" gap between the two columns orljus erit to orifTio erif Tio mut AaBbCc AaBbCc AaBbt AaBbc Adi AaBbc, AaBbCc AaBbCc 1 Normal 1 No Spac... Heading 1 Heading 2 Title Subtitle Subtle Em Emphasis Donahue, Gerry: As a novelist, editor, teacher, and journalist, Gerry lives and breathes words. In 2012, he- established the international literary journal Pacific Passages. His work has been published in several literary- journals and his first novel, By the Beach, was shortlisted for the New Writers Award sponsored by the Arcadia- Foundation. His second novel, Sunset Remedy, will be- published in March 2018 by Blue Horizons Press. Your Na Sutton, Wanda: Following a successful career in television- production, Wanda writes fiction full time and has- published poems and short stories in several literary journals.. Wanda is president of the Renfrew Island Arts Council and an active member of several community groups. She and- her husband and three boys live on a farm and raise llamas.1 Ogilvie, George: George's work has been dramatized on PBS and appeared in several literary magazines. His - adaptation of Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge was produced by the Tacoma Theatrical Society and was- awarded Best New Play of the Year. George divides his. Word Projects I ♥ I Find Replace Select- & Share Editing + 120% oluboM 29372 HOUORT Word 3 fzujba Word 2016
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