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Criterion prompts to consider for Annotated Bibliography content:

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  • A crisp statement regarding the relevance of this article for your topic.
  • A salient or meaningful quote from the article that you would likely cite if you were to write an essay on this topic.

After choosing the topic for your collaborative Research Project, your group will complete the Annotated Bibliography assignment using the template provided. This assignment will be used as a springboard for your research. It may also be used to begin to explore ideas or concepts you find interesting within the realm of the topics covered in this class.

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Annotated Bibliography: Healthcare Systems Theory and How It Is Being Applied Today with
Platforms Like the Epic Systems
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Introduction and Thesis Statement
Healthcare Systems Theory, a concept that is largely accredited to Karl Ludwig von
Bertalanffy, a renowned Austrian biologist, has gained wide application in today’s healthcare
platforms like the Epic systems. According to systems theory, quality of healthcare and patient
safety is an emergent property of the entire healthcare system. Proponents of systems theory like
Bertalanffy believe that improvement of healthcare outcomes can only be achieved through a
systematic appreciation of the entire system that contributes to the healthcare outcomes. The
annotated biography will focus on examining the application of healthcare systems in platforms
like Epic systems. The thesis statement is that the application of systems theory in healthcare
supports healthcare behaviors and systems that can improve quality, reduce medical errors, and
promote health.
Annotated Bibliography
Adaba, G. B., & Kebebew, Y. (2018). Improving a health information system for real-time data
entries: An action research project using socio-technical systems theory. Informatics for
Health and Social Care, 43(2), 159-171.
The article by Adaba & Kebebew, cowriters at Birkbeck, University of London,
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, explores the emergence of
health information systems for real-data entries. Using the tenets of socio-technical
systems theory, Adaba & Kebebew (2018) developed an intervention to improve an
existing patient administration system (PAS) to enhance systems for real-time. Based on
systems theory and diagnoses, Adaba & Kebebew was able to design a more effective
PAS. PAS, which is the brainchild of systems theory, is critical in “improving healthcare
services rendered to the patients” (p.24). This article is relevant to my research topic

because it used to provide a correlation between systems theory and the development of
PAS, a system similar to Epic Systems.
Anderson, B. R. (2016). Improving healthcare by embracing Systems Theory. The Journal of
thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, 152(2), 593.
Anderson (2016), a pediatric at CUMC, Division of Pediatric Cardiology, New York,
examines the application of systems theory in healthcare. Anderson argued that systems
theory in healthcare “can reduce adverse events and improve patie...

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