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Assignment: Evidence-Based Capstone Project, Part 6: Disseminating Results

The dissemination of EBP results serves multiple important roles. Sharing results makes the case for your decisions. It also adds to the body of knowledge, which creates opportunities for future practitioners. By presenting results, you also become an advocate for EBP, creating a culture within your organization or beyond that informs, educates, and promotes the effective use of EBP.

To Prepare:

Review the final PowerPoint presentation you submitted in Module 5, and make any necessary changes based on the feedback you have received and on lessons you have learned throughout the course.

Consider the best method of disseminating the results of your presentation to an audience.

To Complete:

  • Create a 5-minute, 5- to 6-slide narrated PowerPoint presentation of your Evidence-Based Project.
  • Be sure to incorporate any feedback or changes from your presentation submission in Module 5.

Explain how you would disseminate the results of your project to an audience. Provide a rationale for why you selected this dissemination strategy.

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Capstone Project, Part 6:
Disseminating Results
Student’s Name

Introduction and purpose statement

Disseminating the findings successfully requires determining who the audience is, their
location, and means of reaching them. When considering who the audience is, it is
advisable to think about who is likely to take interest in the work (Melnyk, FineoutOverholt, Giggleman & Choy, 2016). The audience might include those who do not
express enthusiastic interest but might nevertheless benefit from an awareness of the
research (Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt, Gallagher-Ford & Stillwell, 2011).

Purpose Statement

This presentation is twofold: it will discuss how I will disseminate my evidence-based
research results and the reasons why I chose th...

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