Incident 2 “There’s No Future Here!”

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Review the Week 3 Individual Knowledge Check.

Read Ch. 8, Incident 2 “There’s No Future Here!” 

Scenario: As the head of HR, you have been asked to write a response to the incident in the form of an interdepartmental memo. You must address important issues about the company’s career planning and development program that are a result of the situation with Bob.

Write a 350- to 700-word memo in which you:

Describe what actions might prevent future resignations like Bob’s, and who should manage an employee's career—the employer or employee.

Recommend changes you would make to the career planning and development program as the head of HR, identify challenges to making changes, and recommend who you would involve in making the changes (non-HR staff can be included if appropriate).

Describe what should be the outcomes of a career planning and development program.

Discuss the impact of your new program on training and/or staff development and performance management strategy.

Summarize a brief policy that you would recommend as an outline to your new career planning and development program.

  • Use a memo template provided by Microsoft.
  • Submit your assignment using including references
  • INCIDENT 2 There’s No Future Here!
  • “Could you come to my office for a minute, Bob?” asked Terry Geech, the plant manager.
  • “Sure, be right there,” said Bob Glemson. Bob was the plant’s quality control director. He had been with the company for four years. After completing his degree in mechanical engineering, he worked as a production supervisor and then as a maintenance supervisor prior to moving to his present job. Bob thought he knew what the call was about.

“Your letter of resignation catches me by surprise,” began Terry.

“I know that Wilson Products will be getting a good person, but we sure need you here, too.”

“I thought about it a lot,” said Bob, “but there just doesn’t seem to be a future for me here.”

“Why do you say that?” asked Terry.

“Well,” replied Bob, “the next position above mine is yours. Since you’re only 39, I don’t think it’s likely that you’ll be leaving soon.”

“The fact is that I am leaving soon,” said Terry. “That’s why it’s even more of a shock to learn that you’re resigning. I think I’ll be moving to the corporate office in June of next year. Besides, the company has several plants that are larger than this one, and we need good people in those plants from time to time, both in quality control and in general management.”

“Well, I heard about an opening in the Cincinnati plant last year,” said Bob, “but by the time I checked, the job had already been filled. We never know about opportunities in the other plants until we read about the incumbent in the company paper.”

“All this is beside the point now. What would it take to get you to change your mind?” asked Terry.

“I don’t think I will change my mind now,” replied Bob, “because I’ve given Wilson Products my word that I’m going to join them.”

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Preventing Future Resignations/The Employer’s Role
The case highlights weaknesses in employee management in the company. Considering the example
above, some measures might be taken to prevent future resignations like the one. Employee management
entails a wide range of strategies that are adopted by managers to help in measuring, monitoring, and
interacting with the employees. An essential aspect of employee management is character management
(Mudler et al., 2018). The manager must know the character and personality of their workers (Mudler et al.,
2018). From the case study, it is evident that Terry Geech, who is Bob’s manager, failed in interacting with
her junior, to know what was going around his life, and also failed in identifying the declining motivation of
Bob in his current job.
Improving the HR Function, Participants, Challenges, and Outcomes
Considering the weaknesses exposed in Terry Geech's company above, radical improvements are
necessary for the Human Resource Management function in the company. Specifically, the changes need to
occur in the career planning and development program. The first essential change is ensuring fair promotion
policies. Besides, there should be an improvement in the career communication function where the employee
is informed about the available promotion openings.

Moreover, there should be career coaching in the company to facilitate promotions. Further, there
should be career mapping in the company, where HR managers help the workers think of their career goals
without exiting the organization. In making these changes, I would include the HR managers in the company
since they are in charge of developing the HR career paths for employees.
There will be challenges in implementing the plan. One of the problems is the employee’s dilemma to
manage or not. It occurs when one does not intend ascending to higher management positions but want
higher compensation (Vondracek, Lernner & Schulenberg, 2019). In this case, th...

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