What about Eurodisney decision that makes it a Type C strategic decision?

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The Walt Disney Company

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After the success of Disney Tokyo, Disney built the theme part in the Europe. They decided to choose paris because of the government incentives. In 1992, EuroDisney was opened for public, and expected more than 11 million people to generate 100 million dollars in first year. But, in 1994, EuroDisney had lost approx 900 million dollars.

The major factor of EuroDisney loss was a poor performance, poor understanding of the market and no cultural adaption. What they did was built the American theme park in Europe. It was big mistake of them.

Another major factor of failure was they noticed that Europe parents brings their children only on holidays and vacation. European only goes to theme parks in holidays and vacations.

By blind vision of success of the Japanese Disneyland, they invested more money in EuroDisney and received loss.

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