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The scientific article is attached below, after the guide lines you will need to follow to do the assignment

You will identify the problem or observation that spurred the research. While reading your article, it may be helpful to ask yourself why the scientists did the study.

You will identify the hypothesis the scientists were testing. Remember that a hypothesis is a testable educated guess. Thus, it is not appropriate to pose a question here. However, while reading your article, it can be helpful to ask yourself what explanation the scientists tried to use to explain their initial observation. Include any reasoning for how the scientists came to their hypothesis.

Next, we will identify the test or experiment that was performed to address the hypothesis. You can be detailed here. It may be helpful to pull from other sources, if you do not fully understand how the experiment was conducted. For example, if a piece of equipment was used, you may need to do a little background research.

Next, you will identify the experimental results that the scientists obtained. What did the scientists find after doing their experiment?

Finally, you will identify the conclusion of the study. In this part, you may address one or more of the following questions: What were the new findings of this study? How did the scientists interpret their results? How did they try to explain their findings?

We will also pose any further questions or future directions that arose from this study. After doing this study, what is the logical next step? What research could be done next? Are there any ethical considerations that arose from this work? Or did this research neglect an important question?

Finally, we will evaluate the differences between a related news article and the scientific study. What did the news article get right? what was misrepresented (if anything)? How could the journalists improve their presentation of the science? Could the scientists do anything to improve their presentation of the science?

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Scientists: Fat People Are Stupid - Clapway 8/23/16, 12:21 PM Scientists: Fat People Are Stupid By Anthony Cerullo - August 11, 2016 Fat shamers are public enemy number one in 2016. How dare anyone say something cruel about t right? Yes, they do have feelings however, they lack brain cells. According to a new study at the researcher Lisa Ronan, scientists have found that being overweight shrinks your brain, thus deemi stupid than a physically fit person. SCIENTISTS SAY STUPID PEOPLE EAT FAST FOOD In the study, scientists have found that being fat in middle age actually shrinks your brain. Further with a smaller, older and stupid brain. The secret behind this is white matter. White matter tissue i communicate with each other. Losing white matter means a decline in thinking skills. Fat people ha Page 1 of 3 Scientists: Fat People Are Stupid - Clapway 8/23/16, 12:21 PM people at a healthy weight, which is leading to their stupidity. ADVERTISING SCIENTISTS SAY STUPID FAT PEOPLE WILL GET ALZHEIMERS Besides the link between obesity and thinking skills, scientists say that fat people are at risk of get their healthy counterparts. White matter the first to disappear with dementia. They say that white of mind many tend to complain about. While everyone loses white matter eventually, it’s possible t However, if you’re stupid and fat, good luck. SCIENTISTS SAY LOSE WEIGHT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO GET STUPID If yo didn’t already have a good enough reason to shed some pounds, this will get you into gear. N as a fat person but now, you will be dumb. Fat people thought their brains and personality were al that is affected. Sure, some people have a medical issue preventing them from maintaining a heal For the rest of you fat people out there, let this be a lesson. Lose weight or get dumb. COMMENTS Page 2 of 3
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Science Study of an Article
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Science Study of an Article
Obese prejudice is, at times, justified in society, and some scientists even encourage bias
against fat people. They claim that individuals that respect themselves are smart, and they do not
gain unnecessary weight. Many people hold those fat individuals take too much space on public
facilities, and even advocate for their taxation to make them slim. The following is a scientific
study on the issue that obese people and the increase in the age of brain from midlife.
This study was prompted by the lack of direct evidence t...

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