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What are the key differences and similarities between the two cases, Eurodisney and Capital Cities/ABC ?

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The major similarity between Euro Disney and Capital Cities/ABC is that both of these are acquired and controlled by The Walt Disney Company recently. After the opening of them park in Europe approximately 50m tourists visit Paris annually. A large number of population that live near or around Paris visits this mystic and unique theme park. Both of the destinations are fulfilling entertainment needs of people. Both of these are job hubs as well. It is reported that Euro Disney has opened more than 30,000 employment opportunities for the people of Paris. The breakfast in both of these destination is better and slightly less chaotic. Capital cities/ABC Inc. that is operating income 44% higher than Euro Disney. As, compare to euro Disney, Capital Cities/ABC is the only network that increases its rating in the prime time season of 1992 to 1993.Now a days it is top ranked newt-work that is popular among adults ages of 18 years to 49 years.

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