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What evidence is there in the case to confirm that Disney used a judgmental decision-making strategy in quest of a satisficing outcome in the acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC? 

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Disney acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC is one of the largest acquisition in history with market capitalization of 50 billion dollar and assets with 30 billion dollars. At the time of merger it has hefty amount of cash, with total revenue of the company more than 12.1 billion dollars with net profit of 1.3 billion dollars, so this was a perfect match for capital cities to merge with Disney. At the time of acquisition the company provided a joint statement, that this merger has created remarkable value for its all stakeholders by getting full advantage of the complementary strengths of both of the organizations. 
A high level of strategic decision of the company based upon the positive strategic gap which through strengths cancel out the weaknesses of the organization. So, the Walt Disney decision for the acquisition of Capital Cities/ABC was based upon indeterminately successful results as described above. 

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