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Complete the “Bronfenbrenner’s Five Environmental Systems” template

Review the completed template and respond to each of the five questions.

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Bronfenbrenner’s Five Environmental Systems Directions: Research each system below and record the definition, examples, and the effect each system has on the learning environment and student outcomes. The examples indicated can be researched based on personal experiences that support the systems purpose. Environmental System Definition Examples Setting where the individual lives Individuals environment Home, Daycare, work Microsystem Peers, family, Relations between Microsystems or connections between context Mesosystem Exosystem Your links between social setting in which one does not have as active role and immediate context Families working together in roles such as attending conferences and volunteering Individual being affected by parent losing job, parent leaving for active duty © 2018. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved. Effect on Learning Environment/Student Outcomes Influences individual behavior and decisions. How home and school environment interactions shape how being treating in return Positive effect on development do to different elements working together Can be affected in a negative way if the different elements of Microsystems work against each other. Can leave individual anxious in learning environment. Macrosystem Chronosystem The culture individuals live Patterning of environments events and transitions over the life course and sociohistorical circumstances Review your completed template and write a 100-150 word response to each question below, based on the demographics of your local community or of the community where you would like to teach in the future. 1. Describe the language and culture of families within the community. How does culture and environment affect individual learner outcomes? 2. What community events and values are implemented to support family interaction and engagement? 3. How will you access information about the values of the diverse cultures of your students? 4. How can classroom instruction be developed to reflect the family, culture, and community values instilled in your local community? 5. How can students' experiences, cultures, and community resources be incorporated into instruction?
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Question 1

The community contains a wide variety of cultures since the community comprised of
different people from different ethnic backgrounds. However, despite various backgrounds, the
community has developed a culture of living harmoniously without prejudice. Families can be
seen spending time in the children's parks, symbolizing a friendly community. Moreover, the
community comprises of families that speak English, with a few families speaking a second
language such as Spanish and Indian.

Through culture, families transmit a sense of identity and belonging to their children. In
addition, families transmit how their children should relate to other people. Understanding that
culture can affect the way a person interprets or understands different concepts is essenti...

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