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As a Business Analyst, requirements analysis and design are part of our everyday life. So what does that mean?

Now it’s time to do a strategic analysis on your own project.

  • Your personal project can have any kind of future that you want it to be. Based on the previous changes from the elicitation process, do a strategic analysis on your own personal project.
  • Assess the current state
  • Define what you believe is the future
  • Assess any risks
  • Provide the gap between the AS-IS and TO-BE states

  • Go to and watch Validating Requirements and Managing Requirements from the Developing Project Requirements course.
  • Go to and watch Validating and Controlling Your Requirements During Project Execution of the Business Analysis Fundamentals course.
  • Watch the video Requirement Analysis.
  • Watch the video Requirements Management Best Practices.
  • Pick a social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) to research and be prepared to discuss how requirement analysis and design affect your chosen social media daily.

  • Watch the movie “Up in the Air” starring George Clooney. Pay close attention to the role of Natalie as a Business Analyst. As you are watching the movie, jot down your answers to the following questions:
  • In your opinion, is she a good or bad Business Analyst?
  • What types of business analysis tasks does she do to warrant us looking at her as a Business Analyst?
  • What requirements is she gathering?
  • How does she verify and validate these requirements?
  • What is her recommended solutions?
  • Do you agree with her solutions? If not, what would you have done differently?

    For your task, submit the deliverable for your personal project. Include the following:

    • Analyze the current state in regards to the requirements you analyzed for the change request to your project as of today.
    • Define what the future state will be based on the business needs, goals and objectives of the project.
    • Assess any risks and recommend any actions to alleviate those risks if needed.
    • Describe the current gap between the current and future state and how the project will achieve the future state.

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    Strategic Analysis of Software Project
    The following discussion has a strategic analysis of the software project under development. The
    discussion shows the characteristics of the project in its current state and the risks associated
    with not accomplishing the desirable future state of the project. The goal of the discussion is to
    ensure that the analysis is systematic and logical, as part of the business analysis, so the
    appropriate decisions for the business are achieved.

    Current State
    The current state, or As-Is state, for the software project, in the early stage of development. The
    vision for the software project is to accomplish business processes for organizations. The project
    charter is complete, and the initial stages of the project are underway. The team has been formed
    and the resources are available for accomplishing the software project. The project plan includes
    the deliverables or works break down the schedule, which needs to be accomplished as part o...

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