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Personal, professional, academic goal For each of three goals, apply the SMART goal process and explain each component. Create an accountability plan for meeting each of your goals. How will you overcome obstacles?

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Explanation & Answer

SMART is the process to ensure goals to accomplish

S – Specific – Goal must be clear. Exactly what you want to accomplish?

M – Measurable – It must be tested yourself and monitored with the way you go ahead

A – Achievable – you must have right tools and good thinking to achieve

R – Relevant – Goal must be benifitable. It must be profitable to you

T – Timely – Set your time scale, in which you want to get your success by achieving that goal 

For these 3 type of goals Personal, professional, academic goal

Personal – An individual wants to achieve a earning in some years

Professional – An individual wants to achieve some kind of post in job.

Academic – A school, college or university sets a goal to achieve from students or by tutors

Everyone may reduce any obstacles by ensuring and follow SMART process in their life.

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