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Public Key Infrastructure
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Public key infrastructure has been defined as a system that encompasses digital
signatures and document encryption strategies within an organization. The strategy is
increasingly being embraced because it helps in ensuring security of communication within
an organization and also meets authentication requirements. Therefore, public key
infrastructure is a security architecture that is designed to provide confidence in sharing
information over an ever increasingly insecure internet system. The banking industry is
regarded to be the most popular having adopted this technology. The paper seeks to discuss
various topics concerning public key infrastructure, the features and services employed by the
public key infrastructure and the techniques used in public key cryptography.
The term public key infrastructure can be very confusing because it can be used to
mean different things. For example, it can refer to technologies, methods, and strategies
instituted to ensure a secure system. On the other hand it can refer to as the use of encryption
technologies to ensure the authenticity and proof of content (Ellison & Schneier, 2000).
However, we will define public key infrastructure based on the different services it offers.
One, public key infrastructure help provide certainty of the any message in a communication
system. Secondly, it helps in certainty of the source and the receiver in a communication.
Thirdly, it helps assure privacy of that information. Based on the identified services, we can
define public key infrastructure as a security architecture that is designed to provide
communication privacy, by ascertaining the sender, the receiver and the information being
The services are realized through a mathematical technique commonly known as
public key cryptography. It a pair of cryptographic keys to ensure communication privacy,
verify the sender, and also the receiver. Public key infrastructure has been majorly developed
to primarily ensure the confidentiality of information shared in an insecure network system.



How does the concept public key cryptography work?
Public key cryptography uses encryption technology. This means that only the
specific entities with the key can access the network system. If one key is used to encrypt
information, then it means only the entities with the specific and exact key can decrypt the
information. However, by the fact that an entity may know one key does not mean they may
have access to the information. This is because it is hard for one to calculate what other keys
may be. Therefore, it is important to note that in public key infrastructure, there are various
entities that the organization will make public. These entities are freely distributed and are
also available to different users. Additionally, there are other entities that are kept private.
This is a corresponding key which acts as a security measure. The information kept secret is
not shared among other users. This helps the organization proves that it is what it claims to
be. It gives the organization a chance to control the communication or network system in
terms of who can access and who is prohibited.
Public key infrastructure is mainly used for three purposes. They include for
encryption, decryption, and for signature (Maurer , 2005). Public key for encryption is used
by another person when they need to share with you confidential information. The key used
for decryption is used when one wants to decry...

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