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The organization you chose in Week 1 is hosting a National Convention for all the executive staff members from all 25 international locations next week.

The CIO requests your team of Risk Management Analyst to create and deliver the presentation on the topic, "Deterministic versus Probabilistic Risk in IT Risk Management." As the representative of your team, you will create and deliver the presentation with an Executive Summary at one of the Executive Round Table Meetings at the convention. Additionally, the CIO stressed you use creativity to make the presentation as interesting as possible.

Research information about your chosen organization to complete this week's assignment.

Part A:

Create a media-rich, 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation. Include the following:

  • Monte Carlo planning analyses
  • Building and running Monte Carlo models
  • The deterministic risk assessment method
  • The probabilistic risk assessment method
  • How does the NIST risk management framework 3-tiers ensure information security (NIST SP 800-53, revision 4)?
  • How are data and information systems categorized?
  • Do not use research quotes or acronyms. You must use your own words.

Part B:

Create a 1- to 2-page Microsoft® Word Executive Summary on this presentation. Include the following:

  • Goals and objectives of the presentation in summary form
  • Adequate references to support your findings, information, and opinions

Note: Media-rich presentations should include multimedia such as graphics, pictures, video clips, or audio.

Include APA-formatted citations when necessary.

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2 pages
10 Slides
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Executive Summary
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Part B: executive summary

The main goal associated with the presentation is to highlight the benefits associated with
Monte Carlo in the analysis of the organization's operation. It is critical in ensuring that the
organization has been effective in the analysis based on the activities being applied in the
organization. This is attributed to the reason that the application of the technology has led to the
occurrence of the risk which can be associated with the organization's drawbacks. To ensure that
the problem has been curbed, it is critical to implement effective methods in the analysis like the
use of the Monte Carlo assessment. This entails the application analysis which is based on the
variable being taken randomly in consideration to the performance of the organization. It ensures
that the results obtained can be influential in the determination of the strategies which can be
incorporated in the essence of having a better operation in the orga...

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