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In this assignment, identify issues confronting modern law enforcement, corrections, and the court system; reflect on policies that currently impact those components of the criminal justice system; and point out problems that exist in today’s criminal justice system.

Consider situations in the criminal justice system that have developed in the past 10 years. These situations will have surfaced in public media pertaining to issues, problems, and policies of law enforcement, corrections, and the court system.

Tip: Finding these concerns is easily accomplished using media search engines of major news publication archives. The hardest issue will be to decide which ones to read. You can search for death penalty, juvenile boot camps, or plea bargaining, for example.

Think of a topic and then evaluate whether or not it is a public concern. If you begin to research a topic and can only find 4 or less articles on it, then do not select it for a research concern. You will need to select a topic for this assignment where sufficient information exists to research. There are a number of large newspapers and online news archives. Also, the major news agencies will have online archives for issues they have reported on. These are just a few suggestions. The limitations on this project are determined by your own creativity.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in 2–3 pages:
    • Identify at least 2 issues, problems, or policies in criminal justice for each of the following 3 components:
      • Law Enforcement
      • Corrections
      • Court System
    • This should result in the identification of a minimum total of 6 issues, problems, or policies.
      • Relate whether the areas identified are an issue, problem, or policy, and explain why.
      • Keep in mind they can be a combination.
      • The amount of attention paid by the media to the topics you selected may be an indicator of the level of concern the public holds regarding these topics.
        • However, it could also be an indicator of the agenda of that particular media outlet. Be careful, because the media outlet can be the driving force behind the issue, trying to make it a public concern.
    • Select 2 (out of the 6 or more you identified from the media search) of the issues, policies, or problems you found in terms of current public interest.
      • Select 2 topics that actually interest you, just to make the assignment more fun. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your research. You will find your end product is enhanced when you like what you are doing.
    • Create an annotated bibliography for the 2 research topics.
      • Find 8–10 peer-reviewed scholarly references (total) that pertain to your 2 topics.
      • Following each one of the individual references, prepare 2–3 sentences that describe what each reference is expected to contribute to your research.
      • It is not expected that you will read every word, but the abstracts should give you an idea of the content, and skimming through the document might also be helpful.
        • You may find other references later that better support and define your logic, but this is a start.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style. Include introduction and conclusion.

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Justice for Criminals


Justice for Criminals

Justice for criminals is described as the delivery of just judgment for individuals who
have committed criminal offences. The system through which justice gets delivered to the
offender is known as the system of justice, which gets comprised of several bodies and agencies,
run by the government. The purpose of these institutions, for instance, the court system, is to
rehabilitate individuals guilty of crimes in order to prevent further occurrence of such crimes in
the society. The justice system also offers support, morally to victims of such crimes. However,
the system has been confronted with several issues, but this paper will be laying its focus on
issues facing the corrections, modern law enforcement and the court system; it also reflects on
policies that affect the stated components of the stated bodies. This paper also highlights the
problems that exist in the system of justice today.
Problems, policies or issues in the criminal justice system
Law Enforcement
Law enforcement can be described as a group of people, e.g. the police department, who
play the role of investigating, making arrests and enforcing the law. The first issue that law
enforcement faces in America today is the officer-involved shootings. This is a problem to the
reputation of the department of police and also an issue based on the fact that the public will
gradually lose trust in the ability of the police to protect them. This assertion is based on the fact
that some of these shootings have not been justified. The question, therefore, arises as to how the
police, who are supposed to eliminate crime on the streets by the very people committing the
same crimes. Another issue in law enforcement is the policy on the implementation of cameras



that are body warn by the police in the course of carrying out their duties. The purpose of these
cameras is to ensure that police officers get monitored in the course of carrying out their duties to
prevent them from committing a crime like harassment. However, the issue arises as to when the
cameras get turned on, and when and how the video in the body-worn camera gets released
(Paulsen, 2016). Concerns were raised that the video could be edited prior to its release.

Corrections is a criminal justice system branch that deals with the rehabilitation of
convicted criminals. This de...

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