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1.The weight of an object on Earth varies directly as the weight of the object on the moon. If a 150 pound object would weigh 24 pounds on the moon, a 13 pound object weigh on the moon?

2. varies inverse as b, and a = 7 when b = 3, find b when a = 9.

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The K variable is always the factor of proportionality, which will stay the same as long as you are "varying directly" with both the Earth and the Moon. X and Y are the variables for the different weights. 


 say X = weight on Earth and Y = weight on the Moon. We are given two conditions, one where we know X and Y, and one where we know X, but not Y. 

We can plug in the values for the first condition, and we get 24=K*150. Now we only have to solve for K, so we can divide both sides by 150. 

24/150 = (K*150)/150 
24/150 = K 
0.16 = K 

Since K is the same for any given weight, we can plug it into the second condition: Y = (0.16)(13) Do simple multiplication next. 

Y = 2.08 

There we have the moon weight. Also, it doesn't matter if have X = weight on the Moon and Y = weight on Earth rather than how I did it. You should still get the same answer as long as you use the same equation. Your K will end up being 6.25, but you still get the same answer.

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