The Changing Status of Children and Self-Report

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Delinquency is an inherently difficult concept to measure. Discuss the main challenges with measuring self-reports from delinquents. Include one (1) example of such susceptibility of self-reports from delinquents to support your response

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The self-report is considered as one of the three major ways that can be used to measure the involvement in delinquent as well as criminal behavior. The main concept of self-report method is to identify those individuals who are involved in delinquent or criminal behavior, if so then how many times they have done so.

While measuring Self reports from delinguents, there are challenges associated with this approach include daunting and bias behavior. Fore example if a crime investigating authority investigate an individual then if their behavior is daunting & bias towards this individual while probing into the matter then after all they are asking that person to tell them about his own, undetected criminality.

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