compare two of the adventure texts and discuss a single specific issue that interests you


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In a well-organized, carefully argued, and elegantly written essay, compare two of the adventure texts we’ve read/watched in this course and discuss a single specific issue that interests you intensely.

The purpose for this essay is for you to dive into the process of writing and thinking critically about adventure narrative, to have fun, and to give me a sense of what concerns or excites you in the texts we’ve been reading/viewing. Be inventive in defining the topic of your essay: I’d love to read a paper on changing character roles in Scooby Doo foreshadowing and patterns in The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. You must compare two texts we have looked at so far in the class:


Avoid obvious “classic” topics (like Christian rebirth symbolism in fantasy and science fiction), on which you can figure I’ve read many papers: imaginative, unpredictable topics will make your arguments more focused, more rigorously executed and more exciting to write and read. I expect you to showcase your critical and analytical skills and I want you to write exactly two pages: less is too skimpy to prove a thesis even about the role of rewards in Scooby Doo and more will not demand, as I do, that you attend, with the greatest care to individual words–Skerples’, Lieber’s’, Howard’s, and your own. So pick a specific and fascinating topic that you can analyze with thoroughness, concision and pleasure.

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Keep in mind that you will be writing about two of the texts assigned in class, rather than doing larger research and looking at previous critical writing. The topic you choose should relate to something you see in these texts that you want to explore by doing a "close reading (Links to an external site.)” of the texts to find examples that support your thesis.

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Tad Leckman (Order #22105967) Saltmarsh (who is secretly a 'receiver' for the smugglers) will learn of the party's intent from a casual remark in conversation with a Council member and the assassin will be hurriedly planted (see particularly the notes to part 1, room 15). G. Have the party equip themselves by dealing with local traders, then let them set out along the old coast road. For part of the way they will be accompanied by encouraging and admiring townsfolk and hero-worshipping children, though the followers will retire to the town as the house looms in view ... .... . PART ONE - THE HAUNTED HOUSE ...wherein the party discovers the first part of THE SINISTER SECRET OF SALTMARSH ... PREAMBLE It is suggested that the Dungeon Master should introduce the players to the adventure in the following way: A. Have the party meet at Saltmarsh as a result of vague rumours that there is worthy work for adventurers in the neighborhood . B. Describe the town - provide the players with maps and other information you have prepared, such as they could reasonably be expected to observe for themselves on arriving. C. Have them lodge at an inn, but do not let them hear of the Haunted House yet. D. Let them stay in town, vainly pursuing information and spending their money (according to the list of expenses you have prepared) for a day or two before you arrange for them to hear of the legend of the House - perhaps in casual conversation with the landlord of the inn, with whom they should by then have struck up an -affable relationship. E. Tell them the Legend and perhaps let the poacher talk to them if you feel this to be appropriate. F. Once they have decided to visit the House, have the innkeeper introduce them to a prominent member of the Town Council so that this august body will be aware of the imminent attempt to stamp out the local menace. The Council will not in any way sponsor the quest atthisstage, though there will be hints of rewards if the party accomplishes the task. Note: at this time one of the leading personalities of THE HOUSE The Haunted House stands on the cliff top 70 feet above sea level and about 80 feet from the cliff edge. The 6' high stone wall surrounding the garden has partially collapsed in a number of places, so access to any part of the garden is simple even if the main gate on the cliff road is ignored. This gate, of a heavy and ornate metal construction, is still functional and stands open. The garden itself is overgrown and shows no sign of any care for years. However, any part of the garden and the main earth driveway can be easily traversed. The well to the east of the rear of the House is 5' in diameter and 15' deep with 3' of water at the bottom .and a rocky floor. A poisonous snake (AC 7; HD 2; hp 12; #AT 1; D 1-3 plus mild poison) lives in a hole in the well side about 2' above the floor and will attack anyone who reaches the water level. Characters bitten must save vs. Poison, adding a +3 bonus to the saving throw, or be infected with a mild disease from the poison, causing the victim to feel progressively more drowsy and after 2-8 turns fall into a deep sleep for 4-16 turns. A victim, once asleep, cannot be awoken by normal means (though remedies such as cure disease will be effective); however, no ill effects are felt and the victim will be quite normal when the period of sleep has ended. 5 Tad Leckman (Order #22105967) character will lapse into delirium and will need constant attention by another member of the party. After 1-4 days the character will die if cure disease has still not been given. giant weasel: a vicious creature which will attack in all circumstances. On the melee round after it successfully bites a victim it does not release its jaws but instead sucks blood at the rate of 2-12 hit points of damage each round. The creature's pelt is worth 2,000 gpo giant ants: these are worker ants foraging for food. The house is 35' high from ground level to roof ridge; the roof is peak-pointed and gabled, with several holes from missing slates. The interior is very dilapidated, damp and with patches of harmless mould everywhere. Cobwebs festoon the place; the woodwork is generally rotten, while dust and dirt are thick and rubbish is scattered about in profusion. Plaster, fallen from ceilings and walls, lies on the floor in several places; many floorboards are loose and some are missing entirely, while there is liberal evidence of rodent and insect infestation. Many rooms have fireplaces and chimneys which show no signs of recent use. The chimneys are too narrow and twisting for anyone to climb. All house corridors are 5' wide and 10' high; all rooms are 10' high except for the attic level where, because of the sloping roof, the height ranges from l' at the sides to 15' in the centre. All doors are 5' wide and 7' high, of normal wood construction; all are closed but unlocked (exception - see room 15) and easy to open. Most of the windows have panes broken and all are easy to open. The passages in the cavern complex are generally about 7-8' wide and 8' high and have a marked, but not precipitous, downward incline. All caverns are roughly 12' high. All walls, ceilings and floors in the caverns and their connecting passages are slimy, wet and discoloured. KEY TO THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE HOUSE 1. ENTRANCE HALL Light is excellent on the ground and first floors of the House. In the attic, due to sundry holes in the roof, the illumination is dim but adequate though leaving plenty of dark shadows in corners. In areas 20,23,24,25 and 26 there is no light at all. In areas 21, 22, 27, 28 and 29 the light is good since there are torches set in crude brackets on the walls. The front door opens onto a musty, dirty entrance hall. To your left a corridor leads into the west wing of the house. On either side of the corridor opening the walls are bare but some pieces of wood in the corner near the window indicate that a small wooden table or chair once stood there. Ahead of you, another corridor leads towards the rear of the house. To your right a staircase climbs to the next storey, reaching it at a balcony which overlooks the hall along its north and west sides; the stairs appear safe to climb though the balcony rail is broken in several places. Under the stairs at the rear of the hall a third corridor leads east. WANDERING MONSTERS No wandering monsters will be eRcountered in the garden though there will be numerous small and harmless animals -mice, voles, rabbits and the like. Nor are there any wandering monsters in the cellar, caverns and passages below the House. So long as it is done before the party move into the hall proper, a careful examination of the floor by a ranger (10% chance of success per experience level) or a member of another character class (5% chance of success irrespective of level) will reveal two 'paths' along which there has been occasional and recent human movement - one from the foot of the stairs to the corridor towards the kitchen, the other from the foot of the stairs to the western corridor. These have been made by the smugglers when moving between the cellar and their signalling point in room 14. In the House proper an encounter takes place 1 chance in 12, checking each turn. For each encounter roll d4 'and use the listing below: Die Roll 1. 2. 3. 4. Encounter 4 Goblins (AC 6; HD 1-1; hp 4; #AT 1; 0 by weapon type). 2 giant rats (AC 7; HD 112; hp 4; #AT 1; 0 1-3 plus 5% chance per wound of disease, save vs. Poison) with 3 young (AC 7; HD 112; hp 2; #AT 1; 0 as adults). 1 giant weasel (AC 6; HD 3+3; hp 20; #AT 1; 02-12 plus blood drain). 6 giant ants (workers-AC3; HD 2; hp 5; #AT 1; 0 1-6). Should the tracks be discovered here and followed in any of the three directions (upstairs to room 14 or to the cellar via either route), a ranger will have a 50% chance per turn of losing the track, while members of other character classes who were fortunate enough to find an initial track in the hall will be unable to follow it more than a few yards. Should the party, now or later, ascend the stairs .... goblins: a small independent group passing through the locality who have decided to break their journey fo'r a brief treasure hunt; they know nothing about the smugglers. They will be encountered in the house, if at all, but not in the basement area. They are armed with short swords and slings but attack at -1 in bright light. Each has 1-8 sp in a pouch and one of them has a 25 gp ruby in a secret compartment in his sword hilt. giant rats: these creatures will surprise 4 chances in 6. They are disease carriers: any character bitten by a giant rat has a 5% chance of being infected by disease. If an infected character then fails a saving throw vs. Poison and does not receive a cure disease spell by the third turn after being bitten, the wound will swell and fill with pus; the The stairs creak ominously as you ascend but they are safe enough. At the top you reach the gallery which is on the north and west walls of the hall. To east and west the corridor appears to stretch the full width of the house, doors leading off it to the south. Opposite the western portion of the gallery is another corridor leading north. The stairs will not collapse under the party's weight but at a point on the gallery 10' to the west of the head of the stairs the floorboards are so rotten that they will collapse if any party member steps on them (the fall causing 1-6 hit points of damage) leaving a gap stretching from the wall clear to the gallery edge and 7' across. 6 Tad Leckman (Order #22105967) re-enter the room.) 2. LIBRARY The pile of refuse contains nothing of value except a single large gold ear-ring, value 20 gpo You can tell that this room was once a library, with bookshelves around the walls. Most of the bookshelves are broken now and in many places have come away from the wall altogether. Those few shelves still intact are empty but there is a pile of books in the southwest corner. Should the party manage to follow the tracks from the entrance hall, they will lead to the trap-door. 5. There are 14 books in the pile untidily thrown into the corner and now covered with cobwebs, vermin droppings and harmless mould. All have been partially spoiled bydamp, mould and mice but are still legible. Only three are of any interest, the other eleven being of a routine nature (histories, collections of romantic poems and so forth). These three are clearly titled on the spine: The Magical Properties of Gemstones by Mage Tenser The Magical Properties of Herbs and Flowers by Mage Tenser The Metaphysics of Mathematics by Mage Nystul These three books can be sold for 150 gp each (though not in Saltmarsh - the vendor will haveto seek a larger community if a purchaser is to be found). LIVING AREA II The only thing of any note in the room is a clump of tiny red mushrooms apparently growing out of the floor all around the fireplace in a roughly semicircular formation. Otherwise the room is bare. The mushrooms are perfectly harmless though their presence may cause any adventurer wishing to step into the fireplace to do so carefully to avoid touching them. Up the chimney, about 3' above the top of the fireplace, is a loose stone concealing a small cavity. Inside the cavity is a small leather pouch containing an amethyst, value 120 gpo If the players want their characters to read the books and demand to know something of their contents, the Dungeon Master's imagination may be stretched! Sections of the Dungeon Masters Guide will be helpful (e.g. page 126) . However reading the books will convey no special advantage to the characters and most of their contents will be too obscure for comprehension. 6. LIVING AREA III This room is empty. The only matter of interest is that the quantity of fallen plaster on the floor is significantly greater than elsewhere. The floors in the two rooms above (see rooms 14 and 15) are considerably weaker than elsewhere. There is nothing else of interest and nothing of value here. Inside the third volume can be found a sheet of parchment obviously torn from a larger sheet, on which are a few lines of handwritten text in the common tongue. It has been spoiled by damp so that only two words are still legible: " ...... beyond skeletons .... ." 7. DINING ROOM At one time a long table stood in the centre of this room; now it lies broken - though still recognisable - on the floor. A broken chair stands against the wall between the windows and there is a heap of broken china in the north west corner. 3. STUDY This room was once a writing room or study. Against the wall under the windows is a large wooden writing desk partially broken and riddled with damp rot. There are three drawers in each pedestal and a large central drawer; the latter is closed but the others are all open - two obviously broken open forcibly. There is nothing of interest or value here. j The central drawer (which is locked - the key has been lost for years) contains nothing but valueless documents, all written in the common tongue - receipts for payments on the purchase of various chemicals and laboratory equipment. A careful search of the cavity in which the central drawer fits will reveal a small secret compartment. Inside, wrapped in cloth, is a glass phial containing a watery, rose-coloured liquid with a spicy aroma (potion of neutralise poison, two doses). The other drawers are all empty. 4. LIVING AREA I A door in the north wall leads onto a small paved patio, the paving now cracked and over-run with weeds. There is a pile of refuse in the south east corner. Otherwise, the room is bare. 8. Two stuffed armchai rs stand near the fi replace of th is room. The covers of both have been torn or cut and the stuffing has been pulled out; however, the wooden frames are still intact. The pieces of a broken table lie on the floor near the north wall. The secret trap-door in the floor at S (detect as secret door) leads via a staircase down into cellar area 21. A magic mouth spell is placed so as to be triggered by anyone coming within 5'of the trapdoor; a voice, coming from the ceiling above, will say "Welcome, fools - welcome to your deaths!" followed by a prolonged burst of insane and fiendish laughter. (OM's option: have each party member save vs. Spell, failure affecting them as would a fear spell. Subsequently each character failing the original save has a 40% chance of being too frightened to In the chimney, about 3' above the top of the fireplace, is a loose stone, easily discernable. The cavity behind the stone contains a small metal box; this is locked but the key is nowhere to be found. The box contains a ring (ring of protection +1). 7 Tad Leckman (Order #22105967) WITHDRAWING ROOM A large spider (AC 8; HO 1+1; hp 6; #AT 1; 0 1 hit point plus poison) lives inside the chimney and will attack anyone investigating the loose stone. A character who is bitten must save vs. Poison, adding a bonus of +2 to the saving throw, or suffer enfeeblement (as the spell, 25%) for 1-4 days, the effect beginning 1-6 turns after the bite. 9. 10. SCULLERY This room has suffered the effects of damp and decay more than most in the house. Mould grows in patches on the floor, walls and ceiling; there are many cobwebs, though even these appear to be decaying . A large copper boiler, dented, split, discoloured and empty, stands underthewindow; a small heap of crockery shards is on the floor beside it. Stairs lead down into the darkness of what is presumably a cellar. KITCHEN This was obviously the kitchen. It is dirty and damp, with patches of grey mould and a few cobwebs on the floor, walls and ceiling. In the corner to your left is some iron cooking equipment with a chimney above. Next to it, under the window, is a cracked and discoloured stone sink. A magic mouth spell has been cast on the stairs and will be triggered when anyone treads on the top step. If the spell is set off, hideous screams - as if of a soul in torment - will rise from the cellar area below. (OM's option: treat as a fear spell as in Living Area I, room 4). To the right of the sink a small, closed wooden cupboard is fixed to the wall about 5' above floor level. KEY TO THE UPPER PART OF THE HOUSE Against the far wall a flight of wooden stairs leads upwards from left to right; even from the door it is obvious that the woodwork is decayed and a few of the treads are missing. When and if the characters climb the main stairs, refer to the second part of the description of the Entrance Hall, ground floor, room 1. A family of 5 giant centipedes (AC 9; HO 114; hp 1; #AT 1; 00 plus poison) lives in a nest under the floor below the sink, with access to the room via a hole at floor level. They will attack any character coming close to the sink or investigating the cupboard. Anyone bitten by a centipede must save vs. Poison, adding a bonus of +4 to the saving throw, or suffer enfeeblement (as the spell, 25%) for 1-4 days, the effects beginning 1-6 turns after the bite. The mould is harmless. 11. BEDROOM What was once a fine master bedroom now stands dirty and decayed. Some of the floorboards are missing and there is rubbish scattered around. A tall wooden cupboard stands against the wall opposite the fireplace, its door closed. The cupboard contains two items: a pair of old, cracked leather boots with no value or special properties, and a dirty, ragged, stained cloak hanging on a peg. The cloak appears harmless but the inner folds are covered with yellow mould (AC 9; HO nil; hp nil; #AT 1; 0 1-8 plus poison spores) which examination of the cloak will disturb. The stairs are passable - see the notes relating to area 18. The cupboard is empty. There is nothing of value in the room. 12. BEDROOM Once perhaps a fine guest bedroom, this is now decayed I ike the rest of the house. Rubbish is scattered around; there is some evidence of rodent infestation and some webs hang torpid in the corners. A four-poster bed, once a grand piece of furniture, is against the wall opposite the fireplace. Its woodwork is worm-ridden and the curtains which once screened the bed are torn and stained. There is no bed linen, but the carcase of the bed is relatively intact. There is nothing of interest or value here. 13. BEDROOM This bedroom is dirty and decayed; the floorboards appear intact but rubbish is scattered everywhere and webs are profuse on the walls and ceiling. From the doorway, you can see a glint of light in the fireplace from what appears to be a small, highly reflective object. There is no furniture in here. The object in the fireplace is simply a fist-sized chunk of crystal. It has no value though it is superficially attractive. In the webs live two large spiders (AC 8; HO 1+1; hp 7 each; #A T 1; 0 1 h it poi nt pi us poison) wh ich are 90% likely to attack (check each round anyone is in the room). The spiders' poison is relatively weak - saving throws against poison are at a bonus of +2 and the effects of a bite are less severe than most. Thus the poisonous bite will not kill the victim though he/she will be incapacitated and completely helpless for 1-6 hours. Tad Leckman (Order #22105967) 8 14. BEDROOM Another dirty, decaying bedroom without furniture. From the doorway the floor in here does not look particularly safe; some floorboards are missing while others appear to have suffered partial collapse. The 'safe area' is a 3-5' wide strip from the door down the west wall and across to the window. Adventurers may stand in this area without danger but anyone moving into another part of the room may (60% base chance for a light character, increase incrementally to 100% chance for a very heavy character) precipitate a collapse of the floor, the character falling into room 6 below and taking normal falling damage (1-6 hit points). Referto Dungeon Masters Guide p. 102 for determination of character weight. If the party has been ab ...
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The advancement of characters
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The advancement of characters in the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and Lost mine of
The two adventures which I have decided to compare are the Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh
and Lost mine of phandelver. The thing that I find exciting in both adventurers is the
advancement of characters' level. Both of them have different levels of play which begins at level
one. The characters begin at the first level and advance as the play progress. The levels make the
adventure more intense and challenging. I find it interesting that the combat capabilities of
characters in both the adventurers improve as they advance to different levels.
The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh is an adventure ...

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