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A ghostwriter is a person who creates an alternative point-of-view for a chapter, ending, or an entire story.

Choose a section from Wuthering Heights and rewrite it with a fresh perspective (other than what Emily Brontë’s novel provides). 

For example, your “chapter” might explain what happened to Catherine Earnshaw during her five week stay at the Linton's while she is injured (chapter 7), or cover what Heathcliff did when he left the region (between Chapter 9 and 10). Or, perhaps your version will instead be told by Isabella, Joseph, or Hindley Earnshaw. You might even narrate the events from the “ghost” woman that Lockwood thinks he sees knocking on the window in Chapter 3. 

Writing Guidelines:  Think deeply about who will tell the story and why. Put yourself in his/her/its place and consider how this will affect the outcome of the new version of the chapter.  

Write in the style of the person whom is telling the story (how he/she/it might sound, speak, act, etc…).  

Be creative! This is your chance to change the story and the characters!  

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Re-write of Chapter 18 to 31
Catherine’s daughter, Cathy began has now grown up to become one of the most
admirable, elegant and beautiful lady in her early 20’s. Taking advantage of her father’s absence,
she decided to explore the world and visit different places. Riding on the white horse, Cathy
began her two-day journey to explore the Wuthering heights. She was fascinated with attractive
valleys, meandering rivers, the shrubs, the melodies of the birds, hovering horses in the blue
skies. Cathy stopped her horse in the Blue Valley so that she can watch an owl in a nearby oak
tree. While standing up there, there was a strange sound of birds in a nearby bush. Cathy became
curious to discover what was going on, so she began moving towards the direction of the group
of birds who were making a strange voice. Gosh! Alas! As she two-day the bush, a large,
mammoth cobra raised its head and stared Cathy. Cathy nearly collapsed! She wanted to run
towards the horse b...

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