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Ashford 3: - Week 2 - Assignment

Nature Versus Nurture

The nature versus nurture debate, as it relates to human development, has perplexed mankind for centuries.  In the field of human behavior, the question frequently arises as to how much of human behavior is due to environment and how much is due to genetic influence.  Review the Nature and Nurture Predispose to Violent Behavior article (http://www.nervenklinik.uk-wuerzburg.de/fileadmin/uk/psychiatrie/Dokumente/Forschung/Psychiatric_Neurobiology_and_Bipolar_Disorder_Program/MAO-A_and_violent_crime.pdf) from this week’s reading and write a two-to three-page analysis (excluding title and reference pages) of this study.  Utilize a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years, cited according to APA guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  

Your paper should examine the various methods used to determine if violent behavior is a function of nature or nurture.  Additionally, analyze the following:

a. What is the researcher’s hypothesis and conclusion?
b. Do you agree with their results?  Why or why not?
c. Do the results clearly indicate if violent behavior is a function of nature versus nurture?
d. Did the results of this study change your opinion on nature versus nurture as it relates to behavior?   

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