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Organizational Behavior Case: The Outdated Structure

Jake Harvey has a position on the corporate planning staff of a large company in a high technology industry. Although he has spent most of his time on long-range, strategic planning for the company, he has been appointed to a task force to reorganize the company. The president and board of directors are concerned that they are losing their competitive position in the industry because of an outdated organization structure. Being a planning expert, Jake convinced the task force that they should proceed by first determining exactly what type of structure they have now, then determining what type of environment the company faces now and in the future, and then designing the organization structure accordingly. In the first phase they discovered that the organization is currently structured along classic bureaucratic lines. In the second phase they found that they are competing in a highly dynamic, rapidly growing, and uncertain environment that requires a great deal of flexibility and response to change.

1. What type or types of organization design do you feel this task force should recommend in the third and final phase of the approach to their assignment?

2. Do you think Jake was correct in his suggestion of how the task force should proceed? What types of problems might develop as by-products of the recommendation you made in question 1?

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Organizational behavior is the study of how humans behave within an organization,
boundary between the organization and the human conduct, and the organization. I feel that such
a company that wants to end its bureaucratic organization structure and facing changes in the
business environment should adopt another organization structure that will look into solving
permanently the current problems that they are facing. I would recommend that they use either
the matrix organization structure or the Hybrid organization structure (Cuijpers, 2018).

Matrix organization structure is a structure that companies adopt top to move from the
traditional hierarchy design to a grid reporting system or which is referred to us the matrix. In
this structure, the employees of the company report to both the functional manager and the
product manager. Matrix organization structure assumes a specialist team-based set up to achieve
specific goals. Jake's company would adopt this set up because it will significantly solve the
challenges of rapid growth and uncertain environment and also move away from the bureaucratic
structure, which I believe was a significant problem in that company to adopt a specialist teambased structure.

If Jake's company were to adopt the Matrix structure, it would enable them to; efficiently
use the available resources because the specialists and company equipment can jointly be used
across the firm. Enhance the passage of information efficiently throughout the firm as the
communication moves up and across the firm. Share information, which, as a result, swifts the
decision making because the employees get to contact various personnel in the organization. To
quickly and formally harmonize projects and products within the functional units of the firm.
Establish an environment with im...

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