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Question #1: Develop a brief marketing plan for the event of your choice. Make sure to identify the competitive advantages, target market(s), strategies, tactics, budgets, schedule and evaluation methodologies. Describe how you will increase your marketing performance through creative and innovative tactics.

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Running head: MARKETING PLAN


Mobile Lawn Equipment Repair Marketing Plan


Mobile Lawn Equipment Repair Marketing Plan

Executive Summary
Mobile Lawn Equipment Repair service is an organization that offers scene maintenance
and repair services. These services include tune-ups, chain sharpening, wheel replacement, blade
sharpening and tire sealing. Other maintenance services carried out are belt, bearings and battery
replacements, deck welding and levelling, carburettor renovation, and small engine equipment
winterizing. The company offers appropriate and affordable mobile repairs and services to its
customers. The enterprise, therefore, provides repair services for all lawn equipment types that
are on-demand by holding out through trucks that get highly equipped with the adjustment tools.
Mobile Lawn Equipment Repair Service company has four employees that help in diagnosing
and repairing equipment, and two wholly equipped trucks that transfer the needed tools.
Competitive advantages
A competitive advantage is a trait that enables an organization to surpass its competitors
and allows the firm to achieve higher limits compared to its competitors. Mobile Lawn
Equipment Repair uses competitive advantages such as the ability to repair and maintain
equipment at a lower cost. The organization is also highly recognized and entails high skilled
labour which serves as an advantage and has access to natural resources which are limited to
Target Market
The Mobile Lawn Equipment Repair service target market include;

House owners who happen to maintain the lawn in their homes.

The company targets private and organizational buyers/users of the mobile lawn



It also targets selling dealers of lawn equipment that the organization can cooperate for

Marketing Strategies
The marketing plan of action which the Mobile Lawn Equipment Repair has includes; to
ensure they provide efficient service to most of the lawn equipment owners across the city. To
carry out preventive repair and maintenance contracts with the equipment users and to attain a
20% increase in the company’s target sales (Walker, Mullins, Boyd, & Larreche, 2006).
Marketing communication tactics/channels
Marketing communication tactics are channels or strategies that are used by an
organization to reach its target audience through differe...

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