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Chapter 7

Assignment: Gap Analysis

Consider an organization that has a well-developed strategic plan in place, but isn’t tracking performance to ensure that established goals are being met and aligned with the organization’s direction. Consider an organization where employees work diligently for a long period of time, only to wake up one day and wonder, where are we? This may be the time for a gap analysis. 

Prepare a gap analysis that includes a description of your findings and recommendations, along with the following components/sections:  

• Define a gap analysis and discuss how it is utilized related to Human Resources.

• Define the current and desired state of the organization you identified.

• Identify the existing resources, organizational capabilities, and performance deficiencies within the chosen organization.

• Identify the alternatives that are available to close/eliminate the gap between the desired state and the current state.

• Assess 2–3 performance management strategies available to the organization in working toward its desired state.

• Formulate a solution, i.e., select 1 strategy and provide a brief rationale, including 4–6 action steps for implementing the strategy; and identify a post-implementation metric that can be used to track the performance of the strategy once implemented.

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BMW’s Gap Analysis
A gap analysis is a tool used by Human resources management to assess the current
position of organizational performance relative to the standards and expectations. The main aim
of the gap analysis is to analyze the company's Human resource goals and whether the set
systems and practiced are aligned to achieving the goals. The human resource gap auditor
analyzed the present factors that either motivate or disrupt employees' performance towards the
set goals (Oakland, 2001). The HR gap assessor also implements or improves the human
resource system and organizational culture that can assist with the gap analysis. HR also used
gap analysis to assess the current talent and skills in order to differentiate between the current
skills and organizational needs. The gap evaluators also dig into the company's HR policies and
rules to find out whether the policies and sound clear and efficient.
The current state of BMW
BMW has made its way as a comfortable brand in the automotive market and is an
innovative leader in terms of technology. The company has adapted its innovations to technology
achievements. The company is focusing on the goal of providing p...

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